7 fitness bloggers doing crazy workouts

By chance they do not become a good person. But Reebok will definitely help! On September 29 and 30 on the Rowing Canal in Krylatskoy will be held the fitness festival "Become a Man." And now you can meet fitness experts who will be waiting for all participants (and you too!) For powerful pumping.

Marina is a world-class personal fitness trainer who leads training seminars on nutrition psychology and fitness. In the piggy bank of achievements (although Marina believes that all her main victories are ahead) - the book "Guide to proper nutrition" and the Healthy Mind school.

"The main goal of my training is a healthy body, beauty in this case is a" side effect "," the girl says. Therefore, her main tags on Instagram are: #be healthy and # be happy.

Although Anna claims that she eats burgers and does not get fat, she helps more than a dozen people to get an excellent relief with her fitness marathons. But even this is not enough for her. Anna is a master of sports in powerlifting and a medalist in bodybuilding in the Moscow Region.

In addition, she twists somersaults on gymnastic bars, masters yoga and sometimes plays raises American football.

Natalya has been involved in sports since childhood. Athletics, basketball and volleyball have grown into the profession of a fitness trainer. Natalya shoots videos in which she shows that you can train not only in the gym, but also on sports grounds throughout the city. And even better, if not alone, but with a group of like-minded people.

Sport appeared in Valeria’s life when she decided to get rid of the extra 35 kilograms . Having changed her body, she realized that it was time to change life. Valeria founded the Hardys Body fitness company and the HB-Academy School of Trainers. The program includes not only training, but also workshops on sales and SMM promotion of sports content. More than 6,000 training sessions, a community of 2,000 like-minded people, 100 workshops - all this in a year and a half.

Yustyna is a mixed-style fighter, founder and head coach of Thai Fitness boxing". The participant of the reality show "Only girls in the ring", "Battle model" and "Fight in the big city". Justina is trying to change the attitude of society towards girls involved in martial arts. She believes that girls in training not only receive a dream figure, but also reboot their heads. They become self-confident, do not lose their femininity, but only increase it.

Ulyana has been in the fitness industry for six years. A series of posts on Instagram with a separate hashtag has long been ready for Ulyana for your every question. She writes about how to choose a personal trainer, shares her views on life and even shows how her personal experiment ended, when for four weeks the girl ate a lot of sweets every day. She also has her own beauty chat, where girls share effective finds for personal care.

As a child, Anastasia practiced ballet and was a very weak child.

But she really wanted to prove to herself that she could be strong and hardy. Her path began with a run. Now the main hobby of Anastasia is the triathlon. The girl says that she dreams of going the full distance Ironman (3.86 km swimming, 180.

2 km cycling, 42.2 km running). This year, she approached the goal and overcame half way - in 6 hours 17 minutes. Anastasia advises to adhere to a variety of training, because it "helps the body to develop properly and organically."



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