7 cool sports brands plus-size clothing

Despite the fact that the bodypositive continues to develop, and stereotypes collapse, to find really cool clothes for girls with curvaceous shapes in ordinary stores is still not easy. But it’s good that there are online stores where you can buy everything. And comfortable, beautiful sportswear of large sizes, too.

One of the main goals of the brand


is to develop body positive. The creators of the company believe: any woman can engage in sports, regardless of her figure and size of clothes.

After all, the body is the only thing needed for this. SUPERFITHERO believes that a woman can save the world if she is helped to become self-confident. The brand’s clothing provides convenience and comfort: things stretch well, but do not tighten and do not get wet. The brand represents the entire line of sizes - from XS to 4XL.

7 cool sports brands plus-size clothing

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Are you surprised? Usually in offline stores only clothes of sizes XS, S, M and L are located. A large collection of sizes was released only in 2017, and it did not go to stores, but

in the online store

Nike is already there. It has everything from comfortable leggings to stylish sweatshirts.

7 cool sports brands plus-size clothing

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In the clothing line

of this brand

the countdown does not come from zero (40 Russian) according to the American standard, but from 10 (Russian 50).

The design of things is quite simple, but just this minimalism is catchy and like. Basically, the brand produces clothes for sports, but on the site you can find things for other occasions.

7 cool sports brands plus-size clothing

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If you are tired of the typical sweatpants with a strip on the side or ordinary t-shirts with banal prints, for you came up with the

NOLA collection by Additional Elle

. This brand managed to turn even ordinary leggings into a cool thing that will definitely become a favorite - and there they just added a neon strip.

In such a suit you can sweat not only in the gym, but also go out to the neighboring park for a run on Saturday morning.

7 cool sports brands plus-size clothing

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In the USA and Canada Louise Green, the founder of the


, is considered a “revolutionary woman.” She became one of the first who represented non-standard sizes both from athletes (Louise is engaged in boxing) and from ordinary girls. She was included in the rankings "The best trainers, whose tips you need to adhere to" and "Top 5 women in Canada who fearlessly change the world for women and girls.


In 2008, Louise Green came up with the Body Exchange program, a community of women of non-standard sizes who want to play sports and be in harmony with their body.

Big Fit Girl clothes are T-shirts, baseball caps, various accessories and leggings with different symbols and funny inscriptions like Badass (translated from English as “tear-off head”). You can also buy the book Louise on the website and connect to the Body Exchange online program, which the girl continues to lead with success.

7 cool sports brands plus-size clothing

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It’s hard to find a good sconce especially for large breasts.


offers to choose a sports bra according to the personal parameters of each customer: the length of the straps, their thickness, cup size, strip thickness, the presence of a fastener. You can also choose a design, and feel not only comfortable, but also stylish.

7 cool sports brands plus-size clothing

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was formed by chance: when registering a company, a bank employee made a mistake in spelling the name of the founder Lena Himmelstein Bryant.

We think that this was the only mistake made during the entire period of the company’s operation - it has been successfully operating for more than 100 years. Initially, the store was created for pregnant women, but then Lena Bryant realized that not only this category of women, but those who have curvaceous forms, have difficulties buying clothes. In addition to sportswear, you can purchase sports underwear that has been tested by a large number of people - good quality is guaranteed.

7 cool sports brands plus-size clothing

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