7 best foreign comedians

Their humor is loved all over the world, they are called idols and in some ways even imitate modern Russian comedians. If you've never watched an English-language stand-up in your life, we recommend that you start dating these guys from the collection. Believe me, their stand-up performances are a great alternative to TV shows.

7 best foreign comedians

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When we talk about modern stand-up comedy, most often we mean George Carlin.

A lot of fragments of his speeches are walking around on the Internet, and people share biting quotes without even knowing whose words they are. For example.

"Religion is like a penis. It’s normal when you have it. It’s nice to be proud of it.

But please don’t get it and don’t swing it in public. And please, don't try to slip it to my children. "

George Carlin is one of the pioneers of the genre, actor and writer, winner of four Grammy awards and the Mark Twain Prize. He shared his insightful observations with the audience, joked about politics, religion, sex, ridiculed the vices of Americans, and they applauded him for this.

"I was wondering why aging people are reading the Bible more and more actively.

And then it dawned on me: they are getting ready for the final exam."

Karlin started as a DJ on radio stations, then put on comedy numbers in nightclubs, and was a frequent guest on various television shows. His popularity grew like a snowball. Most of his jokes, one way or another, were a form of ironic social criticism. But the real popularity came to Karlin with the release of his soliloquy “Seven Words You Will Never Speak On Television”.

Not only fame then fell upon the comedian, but also a mass of criticism. But the court did not punish such an extraordinary monologue.

Karlin released 14 full-length stand-ups (one and a half to two hours of humor). Last It's Bad for Ya was filmed four months before his death. Carlin died in 71 year (2008) from heart failure.

7 best foreign comedians

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The main American comedian of our time, the heir to the grumbling style of George Carlin, is Louis C. Key. He started by writing texts for other comedians and television hosts. Success came to him when Louis was already over 40.

The topic of the middle-aged crisis turned out to be a gold mine. Si Kei exploits with might and main the image of an annoyed man who is divorced, has two daughters and eats immoderately. Humor may seem very cynical, but it's worth seeing how he pronounces his monologues, and you understand that everything he said is saturated with love for people.

"I never blame other parents. You know, this is the moment when you see your mother at McDonald's or somewhere else and she yells at the child:" Shut up! I hate you.

”And people stand and look in condemnation:“ God, what a terrible mother! ”So you know: these people are not parents, they have no children. Because any parent in their place would have thought: "What did this little asshole do such a thing ?! Poor woman!"

From 2010 to 2015, Louis himself created a television sitcom with his name " Louis "- perhaps the best series in the genre of" sitcom about stand-up comedian. "

7 best foreign comedians

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Having stumbled on YouTube on a video with this Irish comedian, most people will probably think: "Hey man, you had a fun night camping trip." Sticking hair, sloppy clothes, a cigarette in his hand, and often a glass of wine.

Dylan Moran is one of the best comedians in the world, funny, sometimes ridiculously absurd, but leaving no one indifferent. His humor, in fact, is a classic comedy of observations.

"I don’t use drugs. I don’t need it anymore. I’ve grown old, and if I need a parish now, I just need to suddenly get out of the chair.


At the same time, Moran tries not to spread about her personal life and simply hates giving interviews. The comedian began his career at the age of 20, at 24 he became the youngest winner of the Perrier Comedy Award, and at 25 he went to the first UK tour. In the early 2000s, he created the iconic sitcom Black Bookstore, where Moran plays Black, the owner of a bookstore who drinks, smokes and hates everyone in the world.

Moran is still starring in films, but goes on tour most of the time. By the way, more than once he performed in Russia.

7 best foreign comedians

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The most famous transvestite in stand-up comedy and seems to be the only one so far. He came to success in the early 90s, when he went on stage exclusively in women's dresses, stilettos and with full make-up. Now he is more restrained: men's shirts, ties and suits - however, let down eyes, heels and painted nails remained. Despite the stage image, he was and remains a heterosexual man.

Izzard has dyslexia (selective impairment of the ability to master reading and writing skills while maintaining the general ability to learn), rumors are circulating that it is because of her that he is not preparing for performances. Therefore, the impression may arise that he jumps from place to place and the events of his monologue are incoherent. But this is what Izzard’s sense of humor is all about: bringing to absurdity, improvisation and unusual outlooks on things. For example, Izzard recounted how Jesus preached to dinosaurs.

Eddie Izzard is one of the rare comedians who uses pantomime and parody with might and main, and he is also a man of unprecedented erudition, often jokes about historical events, ballet and space programs.

You might not know him as a comedian, but you definitely noticed him in the movies or in the series. Appearance in "Hannibal", the role of a criminal expert in "Friends of Ocean", the main role in the film "Lost Christmas". He's really damn talented.

7 best foreign comedians

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Carr is an Englishman to the core.

Dry British serve, theatrical pauses and ... a minimum of emotions. Not everyone likes his sharp jokes and black humor (Jimmy had problems due to jokes about people with Down syndrome), which Carr takes calmly, saying that people have the right to be offended, but he also has the right to freely joke about what wants.

"The most widespread superstition in the world is belief in horoscopes. And there is a name for people who believe in horoscopes, they are called lonely women."

Having received a good education and began to build a career in the oil and gas company, Jimmy suddenly changed his professional future, in 2000 he moved into the field of stand-up comedy. Now he constantly tours, performs at comedy evenings and festivals. By the way, Carr is a master of the “wanliners” (short jokes), he even wrote a book on this subject.

Having earned a good reputation in the stand-up environment, Carr began working as a TV presenter.

7 best foreign comedians

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Already wise by experience, the American comedian makes you talk about yourself as one of the best comedians in America, and many call him the new Karlin. Bill began to engage in comedy back in 1992; he released his first comedy album at his own expense only in 2003. The jokes are completely different, but almost never “below the belt”.

"Three of the four marriages break up. Would you start to parachute, knowing that three of the four parachutes will not open? Learn to think logically, men."

Bill successfully combines both satire and life stories, the author of bold statements from the series "the world needs a new plague." Skepticism in relation to life's achievements is likely to be appreciated by older people.

7 best foreign comedians

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One of the youngest comedians in this collection. His appearance and name clearly speaks about Indian roots, but he does not have a signature Indian accent - Aziz has been living in the United States since birth. However, this jokes a lot about racism and the Indians. He also talks about his attempts to create relationships. And after many years of jokes on the topic of love, I decided to talk a little seriously and wrote the book “Actively Searching” together with a sociologist from New York University.

"True love? This guy has a job and a noticeable mustache. Hold on to him, girl."

Popularity in the stand-up gave Aziz a ticket to both television and cinema. The most famous roles are in the series "Parks and Recreation Areas" and "Jack of all Trades". And he not only plays in sitcoms, but also releases his own.



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