7 best cafes and restaurants of proper nutrition in Moscow

New restaurants open in Moscow almost every day. We tell where in the capital they prepare not only tasty, but also wholesome food.


of the five restaurants in the city center. Restaurant concept: fresh food without unnecessary processing. The Receptor is reinterpreting the most famous dishes of national cuisines: Indian, Korean, Thai, European and others.

There is no beef and pork on the menu, but there is chicken and fish. The cafe does not use semi-finished products - the cooks themselves bake bread and homemade pies, and fruit drinks and lemonades are made from freshly squeezed juices. According to the rules of the cafe, the guest can try any dish and not pay if it does not like it.

Excerpt from the menu

  • Curry with chicken - 470 rubles.
  • Salmon in cauliflower soup - 380 rubles.

  • Mix of Korean salads - 390 rubles.
  • Pad Thai with shrimp - 510 rubles.

Address : Bolshoi Kozikhinsky Lane, 10; Bolshaya Nikitskaya, d. 22/2; Chistoprudny Boulevard, d. 23, p.

2; Derbenevskaya embankment, 7, p. 22; st. Pravda, 24, p. 2.

The owners call their


a restaurant for flexitarians.

Most Flexitarians eat vegetables and fruits, sometimes they allow themselves meat, fish and dairy products. The menu for the restaurant was developed by the famous Moscow chef and the finalist of the culinary reality show "Master Chef" Kirill Yeseliev. The restaurant serves snacks, salads, main courses, soups and smoothies. For each position in the menu, calories and BJU are calculated.

Extract from the menu

  • Cheesecakes from fat-free cottage cheese and whole grain flour - 450 rubles.

  • Meatballs from veal, pea puree, pepper sauce and spinach - 670 rubles.
  • Rabbit stewed in carrot and anise sauce and root crop risotto - 950 rubles.
  • Sweet potato cheesecake with goat cheese and mascarpone with maple syrup - 429 rubles.

Address : 26 Gross Street.

Health food cafe in the fitness studio ZARYAD.

When compiling the menu, the owners took into account the principles of a balanced diet. The dishes

Holy Basil

have a lot of fruits, vegetables, cereals, cereals, as well as herbs, spices and natural sauces. The menu is based on bowls and smoothies with unusual combinations of ingredients. The cafe serves breakfast throughout the day: omelets, cereals, yoghurts and pancakes. Holy Basil desserts are sugar free.

Extract from the menu

  • Omelet with riccotta and truffle oil - 290 rubles.
  • Bowl with spicy rice, bulgur and spelled - 530 rubles.
  • Hummus bowl - 450 rubles.
  • Holy Basil smoothies with basil, pineapple, banana, spinach, dates, hemp seeds and coconut milk - 350 rubles.

Address : Kutuzovsky pr.

, D. 12, p. 1.


and the shop with the same name clothes are located in the three-story building of Stoleshnikov Lane. The main principle of "KM20" is fresh seasonal products.

The menu includes fish, seafood and vegetables. The restaurant grows part of the vegetables on its farm in the village of Kuznechikovo. Bread in “KM20” is baked on a leaven according to its own recipe. From 11:00 to 15:00 the restaurant serves breakfast, and on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00, a 20% discount is applied to the entire menu.

Excerpt from the menu

  • Green salad with edamame, kale, cabbage pak choi, spinach and avocado - 550 rubles.

  • Grilled tofu steak with vegetables - 650 rubles.
  • Cauliflower steak with mashed carrots and caramelized seeds - 650 rubles.
  • Bowl with salmon and rice - 750 rubles.

Address : Stoleshnikov Lane, 2.


fast food

in the Sukharev region.

The menu is based on large portions of salads from vegetables and protein ingredients, which can replace a full meal. The salad can be collected independently or ordered according to the recipe developed by the chef. All salads in OverSalad are collected at a party. The cafe also serves several soups, sandwiches, cheesecakes and hummus.

Excerpt from the menu

  • Bowl with salmon and couscous - 390 rubles.

  • Bowl with turkey and bulgur - 310 rubles.
  • Bowl with quinoa, zucchini and edamame - 360 rubles.
  • Beetroot or carrot hummus - 150 rubles.

Address : st. Sretenka, d.


A network of


, including a cafe of healthy nutrition and shops with healthy products. Dietitians participate in the preparation of the menu, and it is constantly updated. Among the ingredients of the dishes are vegetables, cereals, herbs, fruits, berries, meat, poultry and fish. There is no kitchen at the City-Garden cafe; therefore, all dishes are sold ready-made.

You can arrange delivery for all products of establishments.

Extract from the menu

  • Chicken breast sous-view - 280 rubles .
  • Zander under the marinade - 199 rubles.
  • Salad of broccoli and avocado - 230 rubles.
  • Vinaigrette from baked vegetables - 170 rubles.

Address : st. Pokrovka, 15/16; st. Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, d. 2/34; st. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, d.

16, building 1; Great Patriarchal Lane , d. 12 and seven more points.


with home-made food at affordable prices. The mission of Grechka LAB: to break the stereotype that healthy eating is boring, monotonous and tasteless. The menu in the institution changes every day, it has both vegetarian dishes and meat dishes.

In the afternoon, business cafes are served at the cafe. Grechka LAB chefs work in the open kitchen - guests can watch the preparation of all dishes. From 20:00 in Grechka LAB a 20% discount on all products.

Extract from the menu

  • Steamed salmon - 290 rubles.
  • Baked pumpkin with spinach - 96 rubles.

  • Beef in tomato sauce - 129 rubles.
  • Rabbit cutlet with smoked suluguni - 178 rubles.

Address : st. Pushechnaya, d. 7/5, p.




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