633 divers set a world record, collecting more than 700 kilograms of garbage

The environmental action, which took place in the state of Florida (USA), was attended by divers from different continents, including athletes from Europe and South America.

On June 15, 633 divers from Europe and South America gathered at the fishing pier Dirfield Beach (Florida). They took part in the annual garbage collection campaign organized by the local diving equipment store Dixie Divers and the Deerfield Beach Women's Club. The dive lasted two hours. The weight of the recovered garbage is still calculated, but according to preliminary data, divers collected at least 1,626 pounds (737 kilograms).

The stock got into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest underwater cleaning , CNN reports. The Deerfield Beach Administration will help recycle the trash.

633 divers set a world record, collecting more than 700 kilograms of garbage

Photo: Courtesy Sna34 Photogra38hy and Cinema // CNN

The area cleaned by divers is famous for its rich underwater world. "This is one of the reasons why there is so much garbage. People are constantly fishing there," -


CNN is one of the organizers of the event Tyler Bourgoin.

According to US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration , about eight million tons of plastic annually fall into the ocean. According to UN estimates, if people do not stop using disposable bags, bottles and glasses by 2050, there will be more garbage than fish in the oceans.

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