60-minute bike exercise for a classy body

The main advantage of cycling is that absolutely anyone can begin to practice and progress. However, good training takes a lot of time. What if you have only an hour? We have prepared three 60-minute workouts to help keep us fit.

60-minute bike exercise for a classy body

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Despite the fact that interval training scares many athletes, micro-intervals are extremely effective - studies prove that such exercises teach our body to use the maximum amount of muscle fibers and increase strength and stamina.

Micro-intervals means work at maximum power lasting from 20 to 90 seconds. In this case, you can choose the equivalent time for recovery or half of it, as in tabata training. Micro-intervals contribute to the rapid recovery of the body during long races, which is necessary in races when working on shifts. Here are two examples:

  • sprint at maximum acceleration for 20 seconds, then a 10-second rest in free gear. The set includes 6-8 such repetitions.

    Rest between sets - 5 minutes. For training, you must complete at least two of these sets;

  • sprint at maximum acceleration in moderate transmission for 30 seconds. Then it is necessary to continue acceleration in heavy gear for 30 seconds. Rest for five minutes. For training, you must complete seven such sets.

60-minute bike exercise for a classy body

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To drive faster, you need to improve aerobic ability, increase muscle strength and increase the anaerobic threshold. Concrete efforts can be made to keep up the pace until that pace becomes easier. The main rule is that the more intense the load, the shorter the interval, and vice versa. Try the scheme with four intervals of 10 seconds, three for 15 seconds and two for 20 seconds for an hour of quiet driving.

Let the body relax and keep an eye on the pulse. On average, rest should take from three to five minutes.

60-minute bike exercise for a classy body

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The main pleasure of cycling is the unpredictability of the route, physical and psychological barriers that get in the way every time.

Hills, headwind or crosswind, a group that travels too fast - all this can meet you at any time. That is why you need to be prepared for everything. Try to work on each such feature once a week. Here are some specific training examples:

  • on a moderate lift, find your rhythm and pedal for one to two minutes, then shift forward one gear and work for 20 seconds. Switch back and relax at your own pace for one or two minutes.

    Repeat the exercise several times over 15 minutes;

  • find a gear in which you can pedal at a pace of 90 to 110 rpm. Then switch to a more difficult gear (such that it was really hard for you), trying to keep pace. Move like this for 10 seconds. Return to your usual gear for 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise continuously for 10 minutes.

    Make three of these sets for a workout with a rest of five minutes between them;

  • from medium gear, switch to a more complex one so that the speed of the pedals noticeably slows down. Keep a steady pace at low heart rate. Move like this for about 1.5-2 minutes, then engage the light gear and pedal intensively for about five minutes. Repeat the set five times.



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