6 weirdest challenges (try again)

Every week, The Challenger challenges its readers in the Challenge of the Day section. Today we have chosen the six most dangerous and bewitching challenges. Their participants overcame themselves and inspired the exploits of others. Weak to repeat?

In December 2018 Netflix released the Horror Bird Box with Sandra Bullock starring. According to the plot of the film, an unknown entity kills anyone who looks at it.

To survive, the heroes put on a blindfold. Social media users began to do the same in everyday life. Someone trained blindfolded, cooked, dyed. Someone drove a car (and got into an accident), and someone did spend so a whole day at all.

The essence of the challenge: to do everyday activities blindfolded.

Cheese Challenge launched a streamer under the nickname yungholmes . In early March, he tweeted a video in which allegedly approaches his younger brother and throws a piece of cream cheese in his face. A few days later, the streamer deleted the video and wrote that this one wasn’t his brother at all, and he just stole someone else’s video. But other users picked up the challenge and started throwing cheese at their young children. Some of the children laughed and perceived everything as a game, but someone, it seems, was not very happy.

Then they started throwing cheese at adults, and even at pets. Pets turned out to be more agile than people and most often they simply dodged a flying piece.

The essence of the challenge : unexpectedly throw raw at a person and be sure to photograph his reaction.

First movie with this challenge appeared back in 2012. But some daredevils still repeat the trick.

As a result, someone knocked out his teeth (the video is too hard to even give a link to it). One Chinese woman lost part of her hair: everything went according to plan, and the drill suddenly became entangled in her loose strands.

The essence of the challenge: put a corncob on a drill, turn on the drill, try to eat corn and not be left without teeth.

This is even not challenge, but a whole art, which, however, for some reason the doctors did not like. In 2015, art turned into mass.

Users of social networks selectively applied sunscreen to the skin and sunbathed - as a result, different patterns and patterns formed on the skin.

The essence of challenge : burn the skin with ultraviolet light so that it turns out beautifully.

The Challenger often writes about sports and athletic achievements, so we could not ignore this solitary challenge. American blogger Kyle Roskamp decided to run 30 miles (a little over 48 kilometers) in 30 hours and still drink 30 cans of beer. At a distance, Kyle allowed himself breaks.

He was preparing for the marathon for a month: he trained both running techniques and alcohol tolerance.

The essence of the challenge : to run and drink beer.

Challenge, who will teach you how to use your free time. The author of the video is trying to cut a stream of water with scissors. And he does this for exactly ten hours.

Some tried to repeat the feat, but it seems that nobody completely succeeded. In general, this video is akin to Andy Warhol’s art (if you didn’t see the Warhol antiviruses “Empire” and “Sleep” - you missed a lot).

The essence of the challenge : yes, cut the water with scissors for ten hours. Try at least an hour.



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