6 types of healthy cheeses

Decided to say goodbye to your favorite cheese in the name of proper nutrition or the loss of a couple of extra pounds? Do not hurry! Despite the calorie content of cheese and its fat content, this product is an excellent source of calcium, protein and vitamin D. You just need to choose the right variety. Which - now we will tell.

6 types of healthy cheeses

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A popular Mediterranean cheese.

Thanks to the bright taste, just a small piece will be enough to enjoy this cheese in moderation. Specialists in the field of healthy nutrition appreciate feta for the perfect combination of low calorie content and bright taste. This cheese takes one of the last places in fat content among all varieties - 30 grams of the product accounts for only 75 calories. Among other things, feta is often made from goat milk, which means that it is suitable even for people with hypersensitivity to lactose.

6 types of healthy cheeses



This soft cream cheese is a real find for everyone who watches their diet, because it, like feta, is low-calorie, and even contains protein more - a 30-gram slice accounts for as many as five grams of protein! Cheese made from goat milk may well replace meat in some salads. And nutritionists advise you to make a snack with beets from it - you get a great dish rich in antioxidants.

6 types of healthy cheeses

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Instead of absorbing hard cheese piece by piece and swiftly increase your snack calorie intake, try protein-rich cereal curd. This dietary product contains as much as 16 grams of protein per 100 grams of cottage cheese.

Add pineapple, peach or mango to it, and for the snack to be as healthy as possible, choose cottage cheese with a low sodium content. And one more bonus: cereal curd contains a large amount of casein protein, which helps to restore muscle and uniform protein synthesis in the body.

6 types of healthy cheeses

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Want to make your sandwich even better? Add a slice of hard provolone Italian cheese. He easily wins against his brothers (cheddar, Swiss cheese or mozzarella), because one serving (30 grams) is 21% of the recommended daily intake of calcium.

The same case when it is very tasty and also incredibly useful!

6 types of healthy cheeses

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The French carrier is almost indistinguishable from its twin - cream cheese. They are similar both externally and in taste, but the carrier is superior to its American "brother" due to the fact that it contains one third less fat. He is good with bagels, crackers, and the sauce will be in place. There is only one minus - finding it in Russia is now very difficult.

But if suddenly you or your friends find yourself in France, you know what to do!

6 types of healthy cheeses

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This cheese is regularly found in different versions in recipes on the pages of the Challenger, but nutritionists recommend using it exclusively in grated form in as an additive to all kinds of dishes - from omelet (instead of cheddar) to the beloved by many popcorn (as a substitute for oil and salt). Thus, you can reduce calorie content and fat content, without losing in taste. Parmesan is a great example of a healthy diet - it's not just about counting calories.

A 30-gram slice of cheese contains not only 112 calories, but also eight grams of protein.



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