6 things that are best done in the fall

In the summer, new series are rarely released, and in the cinema there is often nothing to do. But the holidays are ending, and everything is changing. This fall, many new and really worthwhile hours of TV shows will appear on the screens (and some of them have already started in early September). For example, “Just kidding”, with Jim Carrey (by name it seems that this is a comedy, but it’s not at all), “First”, with one of the best actors of our time, Sean Penn, a series of non-Russian production “Romanovs” (work from the author of “Mad Men” ", a fictional story about the heirs of the imperial family)," Maniac "- it seems the most anticipated fall movie from Netflix, starring John Hill and Academy Award winner Emma Stone. There will also be new seasons for such series as The Two, The American Horror Story, The House of Cards (the last season without Kevin Spacey), Ozark, and the last (twelfth!) Season of The Big Bang Theory.

In general, there is plenty to choose from.



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