6 simple steps to make you feel better in winter

Ultraviolet is equally harmful to the skin and eyes in both hot summer and winter. The bright sun shines infrequently in the winter, but closer to the spring of clear days it becomes more. So put the sunglasses in the bag in the bag. By the way, they should indicate the degree of protection against UV radiation. If there is no marking, most likely the glasses are simply decorative and do not properly protect the eyes.

6 simple steps to make you feel better in winter

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Keeping an eye on nutrition is important all year round. In Russia, they like to lose weight “for the New Year” and “for the summer,” but this approach is not very effective. We believe that it is better to constantly engage in sports and eat well than to lose weight urgently a couple of weeks before the holidays.

To begin with, determine the healthy calorie content of your diet.

It is believed that supposedly because of the cold in winter you need to eat more than in summer. But such an attitude greatly relaxes, and now you indulge yourself with high-calorie desserts every day. Moreover, if you spend most of the time in a well-heated room, the energy consumption does not increase - the body does not need to spend energy on warming up. So not everyone needs an increase in caloric intake in the cold season. But it’s necessary to monitor the amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet - it’s not only vitamins, but also cellulose , which improves digestion.

6 simple steps to make you feel better in winter

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The cold wind outside and heating dry the skin of the lips. Add to this a lick (often unconscious) and kisses in the cold - cracks and dryness are provided. To avoid this, it is important to care for your lips to care every day - use a scrub, nourishing balms, do not bite or lick your lips again. Put hygienic lipsticks in pockets of outerwear and in bags - so care products will always be at hand.



air in the apartment . Because of this, the mucous membranes can dry out, the skin becomes dry and dehydrated. If you are not yet ready to move to the tropics, an air humidifier will help to solve the problem. Floor humidifiers have long ceased to be expensive and inaccessible equipment - the easiest can be bought in an online store for a couple of thousand rubles. A more powerful humidifier will cost up to ten thousand.

Before buying, evaluate the noise level that the device emits. Quiet mode will be needed at night and will not interfere with your sleep.

6 simple steps to make you feel better in winter

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Residents of the northern latitudes are especially important to monitor the level of vitamin D in the body. It is produced thanks to sunlight, but even in the summer it may not be enough to maintain normal levels.

And even more so in winter.

You can find out your level of vitamin D using laboratory testing (you can suspect a shortage by these signs). British doctors recommend taking vitamin D (in the form of colecalciferol) from October to March. According to studies, vitamin D supplementation can strengthen the bones of the bones in older people, increase the strength of the muscles reduce the risk of developing cancer and alleviate the symptoms of depression .

In the cold season, it is useful to include eggs, red caviar, shiitake mushrooms, fish (eel, salmon, herring, sardines) in the diet - all of them are rich in vitamin D.

Even if you always wear gloves. Today, many excellent creams are made, so the choice depends on your preferences and budget. For example, here are six options that our editorial team liked. In addition to applying hand cream, replace with a normal moisturizing soap, wash your hands in warm water and wipe dry. In public places, use wipes instead of an automatic dryer.



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