6 signs that work does not suit you

According to the results of recent


, 57% of employees over the past three years thought about changing their jobs, and 48% - about a career break; 33% of them claim that such thoughts came from the work itself, which ceased to be fun; 18% complain that they do not have enough time for themselves and their hobbies, and 16% do not feel that they are doing something useful. How to understand that you should think about a job change? Here are the main signs.

6 signs that work does not suit you

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In the office, many spend most of the day. That is why it is so important that work is fun.

Reluctance to go to the office may occur from time to time for each person. In this situation, it is worth taking a couple of days off, vacation, and leave for the weekend. But if a change of scenery does not help and thoughts about work continue to cause negative emotions, think about changing the office or business. By the way, even a hobby can be made a profession.

It is not necessary to surround yourself with the best friends in the office, but it is important to be part of the team.

If you understand that there is no team, it becomes difficult to work. Especially when there is confrontation, rivalry and misunderstanding in the team. Team players help and support each other in difficult situations. A good team can be one of the main motivations to continue working in the company. If this is not the case, it is possible that you should go in search of another office.

6 signs that work does not suit you

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Even if the career growth in the company is low, it is important to continue to develop in the profession: acquire new skills, receive additional education, learn foreign languages. If you put maximum effort, but still carry out the same duties from year to year, do not develop in a professional sense, you should think about it. In a world where lifelong learning has become the main trend, you cannot stand still.

You may have worked for a long time in the company, grew and developed, but now you have reached the career ceiling.

You could manage to become a leader, and due to the nature of the company, further growth is impossible. Or you want to become a leader, but the position is taken and will not be freed in the near future. It remains to wait and stay inactive or pursue a career with another employer.

6 signs that work does not suit you

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A sense of involvement in a common cause, the importance of what is happening, self-fulfillment - that’s why employees love their work and what makes them feel out of place .

Even the biggest professional, who does not understand the meaning of his activities, will feel at ease. Of course, a lot depends on the management, the overall strategy of the company and its corporate culture. But if you do not understand why you come to work every day, for whom you write reports and for what you sit for hours at meetings, this is an alarming signal.

Additional responsibility, recognition of colleagues, the ability to solve interesting and complex tasks, and become part of a professional team can motivate. But what if you are not inspired by anything but salary? This is probably a sign that you are not busy with the work of your life.

Over time, this only motivation will fall, and the results of your work will deteriorate. Look for inspiration in yourself, around and in a new interesting work.



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