6 outdoor pools in Moscow

Summer in the capital turned out to be really hot, sometimes even tropical. We tell you where you can sunbathe, swim and even arrange 11ool-15arty. The coolest outdoor pools in Moscow are in this article.

Address: st. Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya, 36 pp.


Tariffs :

The general zone is free of charge.

VIP-zone - from 500 rubles per hour, surcharge for each next hour - from 100 rubles.

6 outdoor pools in Moscow

Pool in the territory of the design factory "Flacon"

The pool is located in the backyard of the "Bottle". It is small - five by ten meters, but you can get into it for free (if the party does not take place there).

The beach has everything you need to relax: a bar, deckchairs, hammocks, a volleyball court, board games and books.

Address: Mitkovskaya n60oezd, 1, c. 1, pa62k "Columns".


Sessions - 10: 00-12: 45, 13: 00-15: 45, 16: 00-22: 00.

Prices on weekdays (session / whole day):

standard zone 72t - 400/600 74 rubles;

VIP zone - 500/1 100 84 rubles;

child, without a deck chair - 150/300 111 rubles.

Prices on weekends (session / whole day):

station area121t - 600/1 400 123 rubles;

VIP zone - 800/1 700 127 rubles;

child, without a deck chair - 200/500 136 rubles.

6 outdoor pools in Moscow

"The Pool" in Sokolniki

The pool is located in the Sokolniki park. There are two doors from 170 summer summer swimming pools (one of which is heated), a volleyball court, ping-pong tables, beach swings and deckchairs, an aerobics club, sports equipment and towels for rent, changing rooms, showers, a cafe with a summer terrace.

Address: П176ocpekt Mi178a, 119 (between 9 and 8 pavilions).


zone 184t with lying down without mat191aca (weekends / days off) - 800/1 500 194 rubles;

zone VIP less than and towel (weekends / days off) - 2 000/3 000 225 ruble;

ta231if “Veche233ny” - 20: 00-22: 00 - 350 235 ruble.

Extra charge for each additional hour:

standard zone 258t (weekday / weekend) - 250/350 272bley;

VIP zone (weekly / weekly - 250don / week).

6 outdoor pools in Moscow

Beach "Port at VDNKh"

On an area over one and a half hectares there is a beach area with four pools, a bar, a restaurant, sports grounds for yoga, dancing and other sports. In the “Port on VDNKh” you can dance lindy-hop, listen to live jazz, fight table tennis or beach volleyball and dance to cool music until morning. In addition, there is a system of electronic bracelets on the beach - with the help of bracelets you can pick up any goods on the beach, and pay for them at the exit. Entrance is payable, the duration of the session is three hours.

Address: st. Luzhniki Stadium, 24.

Rates :

Session in the sports pool - 1 hour, 2 hours, in the beach - 3 hours, full day.

Weekdays: 750-950 rubles / hour; 1 400-1 800 rubles / 2 hours.

Weekend: 850-1 000 rubles / hour; 1,500-1,800 rubles / 2 hours.

For pensioners and students - 350 rubles / hour (weekdays - from 11:00 to 14:00).

Beach pool: from 1,500 rubles.

Subscription: from 10 000 rubles.

6 outdoor pools in Moscow

Luzhniki water complex

The complex has two swimming pools - a sports one (50 meters) and a small one (20 meters). Each visitor to the pools is given the right to a deck chair, access to showers and a sauna, an individual locker in a common men's or women's locker room.

Of the additional services: fresh bar, food court, playground, volleyball, table tennis. A medical certificate is not required to visit both pools.

Address: Turchaninov Lane 1 / 3.


adult - 1500;

student - 1100;

preferential - 1300;

children - 600.

6 outdoor pools in Moscow

The open-air swimming pool "The Seagull" is located two minutes walk from the station.

m. Park of culture. It includes 50, 25-meter and children's pools, a bathhouse with panoramic views of the pools, saunas, a gym, a workout area and a fitness area. Visitors can use the massage room, the salt cave, visit the EMS-training studio and a beauty salon.

The cost of the subscription includes group classes in water aerobics, yoga, dancing, stretching, power aerobics, stretching and Pilates.

Adults can also sign up for diving and freediving exercises. For children, individual and group swimming lessons are organized.

Address: Picturesque bay, 1st kilometer of Novorizhskoe highway.

Rates :

parking for the whole day - from 500 to 2,000 rubles;

rent a deck chair for the whole day with a towel - 1,500- 3,500 rubles;

towel rental - 500 rubles;

umbrella rental - 500 rubles;

round sofa, including two towels - 10,000-20,000 rubles.

6 outdoor pools in Moscow

Soho Country Club

The elite suburban complex is located just one kilometer from the Moscow Ring Road.

In addition to the hotel and the restaurant, its infrastructure includes the Beach Club. This is a 30 by 12 meter pool, a bar under a bamboo canopy, cozy balinese-style gazebos, comfortable sun loungers along the pool. One of the advantages of the pool is its stunning view of the bay, in addition, nearby there is another 20-meter sandy beach.



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