6 good habits to help you succeed

Success in a career is largely determined by the habits of acting and thinking in a certain way.

Anastasia Potapova

, a consultant at the international recruiting company Hays, spoke about the habits that can benefit your career and how to learn how to develop them.

6 good habits to help you succeed

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The presence or absence of a goal shows how much you really want to achieve something . In addition, if there is a goal, you immediately begin to think through ways to achieve it.

Teach yourself to set goals in everything you do. It is important to enjoy the process, but the result also matters. Starting any project, new business or task, ask yourself: what do I want to get as a result? What should be the result? What do I need to do for this?

Colleagues value initiative people and help them move up the career ladder. Lack of initiative - is apathy in relation to work and lack of motivation. It is difficult and not interesting to work with non-initiative people.

Do not be shy and take the initiative, take on additional responsibilities and expand your functions. First of all, they will notice you. Secondly, you will gain new skills, master unknown areas and prove yourself. Do not be silent and openly declare that you are ready to take on new tasks and conquer new peaks.

6 good habits to help you succeed

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Learning to control your thoughts and develop the habit of thinking positively is an important skill that helps you achieve success in your work. If on the way to the goal you failed, do not surrender to sadness and spleen for a long time. Define in the time limit that you allow yourself to be sad, worried, upset, for example, 24 or 48 hours. After that, turn off the emotions. It's time to move on, look for a way out of this situation, take action, act.

And moving forward - is always positive and charged for a good result.

People tend to strive to surround themselves with positively thinking colleagues. Who wants to be with a pessimist who is feeling bad now and will only get worse in the future? If optimism is not close to you, be at least realistic, but at the same time with good motivation to achieve a positive result.

No matter how you are charged with positive thoughts for specific goals and a good result, if you are late for meetings, do not comply with agreements, shift deadlines, no one takes you in seriously. Moreover, gradually they will stop dealing with you.

The same applies to a person who cannot keep order around himself. Even if you jokingly call chaos “creative disorder”, very soon it will start to cause concern among management and colleagues: can a person competently build a workflow if he cannot manage to organize the space around him?

In most people, internal discipline and order are not inborn, but with experience acquired skills or developed habits.

  • At the meeting, leave 15 minutes ahead of schedule.
  • Write down the promises and arrangements.
  • On the established dates, put preliminary reminders on your laptop, phone and tablet.

Do not allow yourself to be late, postpone the delivery of the project, even if "nothing bad happens." And if you are a person who quickly turns any sterile order into chaos, take 10 minutes a day to streamline the space and turn it into a habit.

6 good habits to help you succeed

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Today, the main requirement of employers for employees of companies - is the ability to develop new areas, spheres, programs. Time requires constant change and quick adaptation to them.

School, college, high school , and then - continuous self-education.

Many companies are ready to train their employees, the largest are creating corporate universities that develop the skills and competencies of employees. You cannot do without desire and the ability to learn.

The ability to relax, completely relax and disconnect from what is happening allows you to avoid emotional burnout on the way to goal . According to a Hays study conducted in 2018, 79% of employees over the past three years have witnessed the professional burnout of their colleagues, friends and acquaintances .

Allow yourself not to work on weekends, turn off the phone and instant messengers in the evening, and fully rest for several weeks a year. Develop a habit of rest, then the work will bring joy and success.



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