6 best places in the world to observe the northern lights

Northern, it is also polar, the aurora is the glow of the upper layers of the earth's atmosphere. З charged particles of the solar wind (a small part of those reaching our planet) break into the Earth’s magnetic field, collide with air molecules at an altitude of 100 km and form a glow of green, pink and purple hues.

Aurora borealis is formed in the region of the Earth’s magnetic poles, and most of all chances to see this natural phenomenon among residents and tourists at latitudes of 67-70 °. The Earth has two poles, so the radiance is not only northern, but also southern. For those who live in the northern hemisphere, it is easier to get to the northern locations - we’ll tell about them.

In the north of Russia, polar lights can be seen on the Kola Peninsula, in the Arkhangelsk Region and Karelia. Infrastructure in Russian cities is inferior to European, but travel is much cheaper than in neighboring countries.

The demonstration of the sky show in the Murmansk region begins already at the end of August - September, so some tourists come to this region in the autumn, before severe frosts begin. You can see the northern lights, for example, in the village of Pecheneg. An unforgettable sight is possible even at a temperature of +10 degrees.

In the Arkhangelsk region, Severodvinsk often appears in the northern lights.

It’s better to come to Murmansk or Arkhangelsk not for a day, but at least for 3-4 days. So you significantly increase your chances of success.

6 best places in the world to observe the northern lights

Northern Lights in Lapland, shutterstock. com

A unique natural phenomenon - the aurora - can be observed in Karelia.

The picturesque national park "Paanajärvi" is landscaped for tourists.

An option for extreme sportsmen is a "hunt" for the northern lights in Yakutia. The chances of seeing a miracle of nature in these parts are very high. True, in winter the thermometer’s column drops below 60 degrees (do not forget about the right equipment). Flights to Yakutsk cost about two times more than to Scandinavian capitals.

Lapland is an ideal place to observe the northern lights. This is a wild land where there are no big cities and often there is cloudless weather. In the Kilpisjärvi area, the aurora is visible for approximately 200 days a year.

Surely you met on the expanses of Instagram fascinating pictures of radiance made from glass chalets. These chalets are located in the hotel Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in the north of Finland (latitude just south of Murmansk).

A night for two in a magical transparent house with the ability to watch a heavenly miracle from a bed will cost 43 thousand rubles.

Iceland - one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The harsh northern nature fascinates and attracts adventurers and alien landscape seekers. The northern lights in Iceland can be seen in the autumn and winter months.House prices and tickets at this time are lower than in summer, but be prepared for changeable cold weather.

Iceland does not have severe frosts thanks to the Gulf Stream, in Reykjavik the temperature in winter rarely drops below zero. However, squally winds and precipitation can cause trouble. Short daylight hours, on the other hand, are in the hands of Aurora hunters. When the night lasts almost 20 hours, the chances of seeing the radiance increase many times.

The probability of seeing the radiance is highest in the north of the island, where it rains less often.

Spectacular photographs of the northern lights are taken in the Jökülsaurloun glacial lagoon in the southeast.

6 best places in the world to observe the northern lights

Aurora Borealis over Mount Kirkjufetl, shutterstock. com

Northern Norway is a great place for comfortable observation of the Aurora. Norway is striking in how beautiful views and pristine nature combine with smooth roads, decent hotels and good service. In "continental" Norway, the northern lights are best seen in the cities


or Alta (for a full list of locations, look at the official tourist site

Visit Norway


If you want to not only see the Aurora, but also visit the "end of the world", go to Cape North Cape. This is the northernmost point of Europe.

Application Norway Lights will help you choose the best place to observe.

6 best places in the world to observe the northern lights

Northern Lights in Tromsø, shutterstock. com

In the north of the United States of America and Canada, the aurora schedule is the same as in other northern countries: from autumn to early spring.

In America, the northern lights can be seen on


in the Denali National Park, 400 km from Anchorage, Idaho Panhandle National Forest in Idaho, the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge in Maine, and also in the north of the Michigan Peninsula. In Canada, head for Aurora to Whitehorse, Yukon, North Saskatchewan Prairies, or Mancho Lake State Park, British Columbia .



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