5 Ways to Keep Cycling in the Winter

When the weather is too harsh, but you don’t want to stop riding and keep in shape, bicycle machines come to the rescue. What could be nicer than pedaling under your favorite series or movie, and even warm?

The machines can be divided into three types: n one rear wheel , p лер mount, d irect mount. The first type is a compact design, thanks to which the rear wheel abuts against a small roller and causes the effect of friction. It can be adjusted using special switches.

The roller machine is a good simulator for balance training, it does not fix the bike in one position and makes it constantly balance to maintain balance.

He does not give such a load as a machine under the rear wheel, but he is great at training his bicycle driving skills.

Direct mount machines - this is one of the latest inventions in the bicycle sphere, at the same time, such machines are considered “relatives” of machines under the rear wheel. Their peculiarity is that the rear wheel is not needed, the cassette with asterisks is already on the machine, which with the help of magnets creates the necessary resistance during training.



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