5 videos to help you become stronger and healthier

On June 4, YouTube launched Sport Week. Together with sports organizations and popular bloggers, Google Russia has prepared videos about the life of Russian sports clubs, a selection of exercises for home workouts, and much more. We have selected the best of them and are now showing them to you.

A talented person is talented in everything. Evgenia Medvedev confirms this.

The video begins with a warm-up: Eugene talks about how important it is to stretch your back, and then the world-famous skater shows a dance bunch of several movements. Repeat after Eugenia - and after training you will definitely feel better and enjoy the session. In general, hip-hop is a relaxed and laid-back dance, do not limit yourself. And in an hour of training, 300-600 calories are burned.

Tanya Rybakova was able to lose 55 kilograms.

This video will be an incentive even for those who have never played sports. Tanya shares her experience and says that training should be fun and not be a burden. Tanya herself prefers personal lessons and gives detailed guidance on the ideal training: to think over a plan, remember the quality of exercises, what to do so that intensity does not suffer. According to the blogger, you need to start with simple exercises and always focus on the working muscle. But it’s important to remember the goal and train as if they were looking at you.

You will not allow yourself to do half-strength exercises and work out your muscles to the maximum.

Russian synchronist Alla Shishkina believes that without sports nowhere. It is important to find at least a few minutes of exercise every day or perform a simple set of exercises before bedtime. Alla shows the warm-up and the basics of stretching. Stretching takes only five minutes and is suitable for any level of training.

The athlete gives a detailed description of each element and shows complicated variations for those who are easily given basic movements. The lesson is easy to remember, so you can repeat it anywhere.

If you want to work out the muscles of the arms and back, incorporate these exercises into your regular workout. Each exercise must be repeated 30 times. The gymnast shows simple and complicated options so that no one can relax.

Perform this workout regularly - and soon you will see a noticeable result. As Nikita says, "turn a dream into a goal - and you will see how dreams come true."

Blogger Tanya Rybakova dispels stereotypes and talks about the importance of muscle for body beauty and health. Tanya recommends going to hard training to create a muscle corset. But the exercises should be correctly selected, taking into account the characteristics of health and the body.

The girl explains why it is pointless to go to group classes in a row and why girls with muscles can afford to eat more.

You can watch other fitness and sports videos here.



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