5 unusual winter sports

Hockey and snowboarding are not limited to winter sports. We talk about winter sports, which are not very well known yet, but surely gather fans.

This is sailing on a special board. The principle is the same as in summer windsurfing, but the surface is different. The ideal conditions for winter windsurfing are pure ice and wind.

So it turns out to glide smoothly and develop decent speed. An athlete in this sport must have good physical fitness: to keep the sail in the wind, you need strength and agility.

In snowkiting, the athlete manages to ski or snowboard and simultaneously controls a large kite. It is considered one of the fastest sports: with sufficient wind, you can reach speeds of up to 80 km / h. Snowkiting can be of several types: on a flat surface, on a mountain and freestyle kiting.

The main type of competition in snowkiting is racing.

5 unusual winter sports

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In this volleyball they compete on a site covered with snow and a divided net. The team consists of two players. The team can touch the ball only three times and must throw it on the side of the opponent. To win the game, players need to score 11 points.

According to forecasts, volleyball in the snow has every chance to enter the program of the Winter Olympic Games.

5 unusual winter sports

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Brumbol is a rethinking of hockey. Instead of skates, players wear boots with rubber soles, and brooms instead of clubs. The rules are identical to hockey. Each team consists of five field players and a goalkeeper.

The goal is to throw a small ball into the opponent’s goal. A classic match consists of three periods of 20 minutes. It is best to play brumbball on uneven ice - players will fall less.

The most extreme sports in our collection. This is an ascent along icy steep slopes.

Lumps of ice are often brittle and collapse. Therefore, such a sport requires the athlete more skill than in the mountains without snow. There are also increased requirements for equipment. So it’s better not to engage in ice-claming without preparing.

5 unusual winter sports



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