5 tips for those who recently got a dog

A puppy is a constantly and rapidly growing organism that needs “building materials” for proper development: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. The diet of an adult dog should also be formed taking into account the correct ratio of nutrients. If you decide to feed the dog with natural products, then to compile the menu you need to not only independently calculate the correct balance of nutrients, but also take into account the nutritional value of the products. The need for certain nutrients depends on many factors: age, weight, level of activity, health status. It is also important to consider the presence of possible food allergies or hereditary diseases.

If you opted for industrial feed, choose feed with the mark "full feed" or "ration balanced": this way the producers guarantee the presence of all the necessary substances in the right amount for each breed and age. You can seek additional advice from a veterinarian who will select the best option, focusing on the breed, age, weight and physiological characteristics of your pet.

Regardless of what type of feeding you choose, there is a mandatory rule: you cannot feed pets from the table. Their physiology is not suitable for the assimilation of the food that we eat: for example, sweets or dairy products even in small quantities cause digestion problems and provoke an allergic reaction.

In addition, with the right food, the dog receives all the necessary nutrients and calories.

So, she does not need to be fed. After all, any “delicacy” is a direct way to gaining extra pounds, which subsequently can lead to the development of serious diseases and a reduction in the life span of the animal. Only 60 grams of cheese for an adult dog is equivalent to two donuts eaten by an adult.

Alas, according to statistics, every second domestic dog is overweight, but only every fourth owner knows about it. Follow the recommended feeding standards, the level of activity of the dog and do not accustom her to additional "goodies", stopping any begging.

You can check in what form your pet is in using the test on the site.



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