5 tests to help you better understand yourself

To conduct psychological tests and correctly interpret the results can only be a specialist - a psychologist or a psychotherapist. But still there are several modern tests with which you can independently know yourself. Here is some of them.

5 tests to help you better understand yourself

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This test method was developed by the doctor Leopold Sondi in 1947.

The therapist noted that patients in the hospital were more willing to make contact with people who had similar illnesses. The test will identify psychological abnormalities and tell you if you have any behavioral features or a predisposition to diseases.

How it works. Among the eight portraits, you will need to find two that depict the most attractive people in your opinion. And then - two more, on which there are people with a repulsive appearance.

IQ test developed by Hans Eysenck - British doctor, founder of the psychology department at the London Institute of Psychiatry. The test will help you find out what your IQ level is. Do not take the result too seriously - the test gives a general assessment of intellectual abilities, analyzing your humanitarian and technical knowledge.

How it works. In the game form, you will need to choose the correct answers to the questions posed.

The test consists of 40 tasks, and you will have only 30 minutes, so you need to try to answer as soon as possible.

How susceptible are you to depression? A test to help find the answer to this question was created by the American psychotherapist Aaron Temkin-Beck and his colleagues in 1961. The test was developed on the basis of clinical observations of specialists, which lasted ten years. The test takes into account common symptoms and complaints of patients with depression.

How it works.

You will need to answer questions by choosing from the options that are closest to you. Psychologists advise to pass the test even to those who are confident in their mental health.

This method of personality research was developed by Swiss psychotherapist Max Lusher in 1949. The test is used as a tool to identify the emotional and characterological basis of personality and helps to assess a person’s psychological state through subjective color perception. Today, the Luscher test is used not only for psychological diagnostics, but also for the selection of employees.

How it works. Of the several colored rectangles, you first select the ones that you like more, and then those that are smaller.

Use this questionnaire to learn more about how you perceive the world and make decisions. About 70% of American graduates undergo such testing in order to choose the right profession.The test helps to examine yourself in four ways:

  • orientation of consciousness (introversion - extraversion);
  • orientation in the situation (common sense - intuition);
  • basis for decision-making (logos - pathos);
  • a way of preparing decisions (rationality - irrationality).

How it works. Within 30 minutes, you answer questions and then receive a four-letter abbreviation that explains to you which of the 16 personality types you belong to.

An online test will never give you an accurate diagnosis - it will simply help you identify some addictions. In addition, the results of many tests vary depending on your condition: if you are cold, hot, if you are sad, if you take the test in the morning or in the evening - the results may vary. In any incomprehensible or critical situation, it is better to immediately contact a specialist.

5 tests to help you better understand yourself

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