5 of the coolest bike rides in the world

On September 2, in the Moscow region, in Volokolamsk, there will be another Gran Fondo bike ride. In anticipation of this event, we have compiled a list of the best amateur races of the series around the world.

The Gran Fondo series is not only group rides for fans, but also real races for fans of cycling. The UCI Gran Fondo World Series is literally considered an amateur cycling world championship. The winners of the qualification races get the opportunity to speak at the final championship and compete for the title of the best in their age group and for the opportunity to wear a world champion jersey.

The next qualifying race will take place in Poznan, Poland on September 22-23, and the final championship - from September 29 to October 2 in the north of Italy. In the summer of next year, the qualification phase of the series will be held in Moscow.

5 of the coolest bike rides in the world

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Start in the French part The Pyrenees combines all the best that can be in amateur cycling: an interesting route, a large number of participants and cycling stars, with whom you can not only take pictures after the finish, but also try to overtake at a distance. The race with an unpronounceable name for a Russian person traditionally takes place at the end of June, includes 200 and 85 km races, and the total number of participants exceeds 10 thousand people.

The organizers annually invite professional cyclists who have completed their careers to race. For example, the five-time Tour de France winner Miguel Indurein takes part in the race every year on a par with everyone.

5 of the coolest bike rides in the world

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Officially the longest race Gran Fondo series repeats the route of the legendary spring day-trip Milan - San Remo.

Participants must cover nearly 300 kilometers along the hilly terrain of northern Italy. The next race will take place only next year, but registration is already open. All participants who register in advance will receive a souvenir jersey.

5 of the coolest bike rides in the world

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Marmotte Pyrenees is the most a difficult race in the series, its length is 163 kilometers, the total climb is killer 5,600 meters.

Twice during the stage, participants will climb the highest asphalt pass in the Pyrenees - Col du Turmale, which regularly appears at the Tour de France and Vuelta stages. Both ascents stretched for 18 kilometers with an average gradient of 7.5%. On the route there will be another famous pass - Col d'Aspinne (12 km long with a gradient of 6.5%), and participants will finish at the top of the Luz Ardiden massif (14.

7 km with a 7% gradient). In general, everything is like at the present stage of one of the super-days. The next start will take place this Sunday, August 26th.

5 of the coolest bike rides in the world

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Start for retro bike lovers and those who remember what cycling was like without carbon frames and wheels, electronic gear shifters, aerodynamic gear and even helmets.

Participants on bicycles that were released before 1987 are allowed to start L'Eroica. If you really want to ride in retro peloton, but you don’t have such a bike, you can buy it directly from the organizers. The next race will take place on October 7th.

5 of the coolest bike rides in the world

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