5 major trends in the world of fitness applications

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Health and Fitness. Industry Overview, the audience of fitness applications is becoming more selective. What tricks do the developers go to not lose ground?

5 major trends in the world of fitness applications

The ability to share results with loved ones, friends and colleagues becomes a source of inspiration for those who is engaged in fitness regularly and pays attention to proper nutrition. This principle formed the basis of many fitness applications, such as the

Nike Run Club



. The last application brings people together by geolocation - you can compete with other participants in distance running in your area, comment on each other's achievements.

Challenges format is becoming more and more popular - Each participant strives to get into the top and win a prize. The creators of


(applications for running, cycling and walking) were among the first to use the challenges - they invited the audience to compete in everything: those who lost the most weight in a month ran the longest distance. This idea was picked up by other developers. So there were applications


- for meditation and increase awareness;


- with games and simple exercises for every day to improve the emotional state;


- a "mobile trainer" with short exercises for which you do not need inventory.

Applications styled for games are very popular .

Among them is


, which was conceived as a space odyssey: to get access to new worlds and missions, you need to walk as much as possible.

Zombies, Run!

turned a banal run into an escape from the zombie army. The application


is similar to a bookmaker: users bet on whether they will reach the gym and lose money if they do not fulfill the promise. And

Charity Miles

donates money to charities, depending on how many kilometers users walked, ran or rode a bike.

5 major trends in the world of fitness applications

The so-called chatbots ask the right questions, help sort out the causes of the ailment and offer a solution.

For example, the application


asks the user personalized questions: how do you feel? how long has the malaise appeared? do you have a temperature? - then evaluates the answers and gives the most likely diagnosis. Through the application, you can even consult a doctor.

With these applications, your smartphone can turn into a real medical station. The artificial intelligence of the application


analyzes each user's training, as a result an individual plan is formed that takes into account the general state of the user, his preferences, strengths and weaknesses. The application

Lose it!

will simplify the task for those who carefully keep a food diary.

At the core of Lose it! - A neural network that determines the calorie content of food from a photograph. It is enough to choose the type of dish from the general list (breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner) and take a picture.



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