5 main mistakes you make in the interview

- The main mistake of the candidates is to come to the interview unprepared. Many people come to the meeting, knowing almost nothing about the potential employer, the goals and missions of the company, the job duties to be performed. Often, candidates cannot clearly tell about their work experience.

Study in detail all available information about the company you want to work for: the official site of the employer, pages on social networks, and articles in the media. Good preparation will allow you to maintain a relaxed conversation with the interviewer.

Show that you know the business, aware of all the trends and changes in the market. It will be pleasant for the recruiter or potential manager to speak with you when he sees what preliminary work you have done.

And also prepare a capacious and interesting self-presentation. The first thing you will be asked about at each stage of the interview is to tell about yourself. Thinking through self-presentation, pay attention to the requirements of the employer and start the story with a description of specific experience, facts and projects that will be of particular interest to him.

Tell us about your latest achievements and don’t forget about the numbers (number of new customers, increased sales, etc.). During a self-presentation, it is important to talk about yourself without going into details. If some things seem to the interviewer especially interesting and deserving of a separate discussion, he will ask additional questions.



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