5 ideas for bike tours and cycling: how to spend the next weekend actively

A bike tour is a great way to get to know the city better. You can visit many attractions, united by a common theme, but distant from each other. Physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins, so that a good mood for a walk is provided.

Natalya Milyakova

the organizer of bicycle tours in the cultural center "New Acropolis"

- The bicycle gives more freedom. It's nice to just ride it around the city, and if the trip adds the opportunity to learn something from the guide, it seems to me that it is very cool.

In addition, a bicycle can travel a much greater distance than walking in the same time. Bike tour allows you to see more and get a lot of impressions.

5 ideas for bike tours and cycling: how to spend the next weekend actively

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The first thing to do is choose an interesting route that matches your physical fitness. Pre-registration is required on almost all excursions.

Usually group tours are organized for 10-25 people, while the leader (usually the guide) goes at the head of the column, at the end - the closure. If you do not have a bike, the organizers usually help with the rental, but you need to notify them in advance.

Dress up for a bike tour so that you are comfortable sitting and pedaling. Better to choose sportswear that covers your arms and legs. So you will not freeze and burn in the sun.

In cold and windy weather, do not forget the raincoat or windproof waterproof jacket. Necessarily - a bicycle helmet and sunglasses, as well as a backpack or a waist bag, which will not interfere with riding.

Duration : 2 hours;

Route length : 13-15 km;

Cost : 900 rubles.

The route goes through the locations of famous films in Moscow, and the guides tell stories related to the creation of these paintings. In addition to bicycle excursions, participants will take part in a film quest.

The tour usually takes place in the dark.

Book a tour

Duration : 3,5 hours ;

Cost: from 3,500 rubles.

Life hack for those who want to feel like a tourist in Moscow and at the same time practice English: excursions from the Air115n135 accommodation reservation service. The Air141n147 Ex95erience program works in almost all cities of the world, including Moscow. Local residents who have something to tell will organize interesting leisure activities for city guests.

Moscow Bike Tour begins at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and passes through the "Red October" park "Museon" and secret courtyards. The program includes a story about the architecture of the capital, interesting facts and lunch at the end of the tour. From bonuses - you can get acquainted with foreign participants and chat in English.

Book a tour

5 ideas for bike tours and cycling: how to spend the next weekend actively

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Duration, length of the route and cost: upon request.

Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel is part of Moscow culture, and the pages of the work come to life directly on the streets of the city. Together with the guide you will find a bench near the Patriarch's Ponds, where Berlioz and Homeless first met Woland, visit the house 302 bis on Bolshaya Sadovaya, learn a lot of interesting things about Moscow Gothic and the connection of famous writers with “Master and Margarita” .

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Duration : 2 hours;

Route length : 10 km;

Cost : from 850 rubles.

The organizers suggest a ride along a route that repeats the channel of the Neglinnaya River (back in the nineteenth century it was enclosed in pipes). The guides will show what remains of the reservoir on the banks of which Moscow grew up, tell where the first Hermitage garden was located, why the new circus is called the old one and how the Olivier salad was invented.

Register for the tour

5 ideas for bike tours and cycling: how to spend the next weekend actively

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Duration : 1 day;

Route length : 30 km;

Cost : 1 600 rubles.

The tour starts at the Shelepikha MCC station, runs along the embankment of the Moscow River, Fili Park, Voroshilovsky and Suvorovsky Parks, Krylatsky Hills, Zhivopisny Bridge, Serebryany Bor and ends in the park Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo. This bike ride is suitable for those who often ride a bicycle and are ready to overcome thirty kilometers in a day.

Book a walk

Duration : 2 days;

Route length : 110 km;

Cost : from 1,500 rubles.

Romantsevsky mountains, they are also Konduks, are an excellent location for an unusual outdoor recreation. The organizers of the campaign offer to get to Konduki by bicycle, and on the way to glance at the Novomoskovsk children's railway, to the source of the Don river, the deepest reservoir of the Tula region and to karst caves.

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5 ideas for bike tours and cycling: how to spend the next weekend actively

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How else interesting to spend time in the city on a bicycle:

  • ride one at a time of the five class bike routes in Moscow;
  • take part in the bike parade;
  • register for a bike ride and start training right now.


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