5 health books everyone needs to read

The Challenger has compiled the best books, whose authors managed to tell in an entertaining and simple way about the human body, health and longevity. At the heart of each of them is not conjecture and speculation, but the principles of evidence-based medicine.

5 health books everyone needs to read

Work of the intestines not the topic that is customary to discuss in society. But the German microbiologist Julia Enders succeeded in the impossible: her book Charming Intestines became a bestseller and was named the main health publication in several European countries at once. From the book you will learn:

  • why "night hunger attacks" occur after 22:00;
  • how the intestines affect the brain and our mood;
  • why the sponge for washing dishes - the dirtiest thing in the house;
  • why sauerkraut is more useful than raw;
  • how to sit on the toilet (and why it is important).

"Charming Intestine" - a book from the series "Sensations in Medicine", which also published publications such as "Knock-knock, heart", "What the skin hides" and Viva la vagina. We also recommend reading each of them.

5 health books everyone needs to read

The full title of the book: "How a doctor would be sick: little tricks of great public health." This edition is a collection of life hacks that can make our life easier. The author and medical journalist Olga Kabushina gives advice on how to quickly get competent medical care and win over even the most gloomy therapist in the clinic.

If you at least once had to deal with the indifference of doctors, the lack of adequate treatment, or you are still looking for the answer to the question of which clinic to go to - public or private, the recommendations that I collected and translated from the medical language will definitely help you Russian author of this book.

5 health books everyone needs to read

The book "Moditsina" (or "Fashionable Medicine") was written by Nikita Zhukov, a young neurologist from St. Petersburg. The author strongly criticizes the unscientific approach and supports only the evidence-based method: here you will not find calls for taking homeopathy or refusing vaccinations.

The second book of the series is about lifestyle and worldview.

How to quit smoking, what is laziness and how to overcome it, what to do with excess weight and why people go to a medical institute - the author gives logical, clear and scientifically sound answers to these and many other questions. The final argument in favor of reading Modicina is that lovers of humor will definitely like it.

5 health books everyone needs to read

Until recently, a degenerative brain change (Alzheimer's disease) was considered irreversible. There is good news: scientists are still not able to stop aging, but they are quite capable of preventing or maximally delaying the onset of senile dementia.

Specialist in the field of neurodegenerative diseases Dale Bredesen has developed a unique way to deal with mental impairment.

His book presents a system that helps keep your brain toned for as long as possible.

5 health books everyone needs to read

"As a woman wants" - this is not just a high-quality, modern and tolerant scientific study of the female body and sex. This is an analysis of how female sexuality works, based on scientific research and the principles of neurobiology.

The author of the book Emily Nagoski debunks popular myths about sex and attitude to it, about women's reactions and health. Talks about the female body and how stress affects the reproductive system.

The book will be useful and interesting to both women and men.



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