5 habits dangerous to your heart

The composition of "fast food" includes components that harm the health of the heart and blood vessels:

  • a lot of salt - because of it, blood pressure and heart load increase;
  • heterocyclic amines - substances that occur when exposed to high temperatures. They increase blood pressure;
  • saturated fats - provoke the growth of cholesterol - a material for the formation of plaques in blood vessels;
  • trans fats (margarine or vegetable-milk spreads), on which fast food is prepared. According to the data WHO, trans fats increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 21%;
  • added sugars - "empty calories, which are stored in the body as subcutaneous fat.

It is important to understand that there is clearly bad food that should be discarded once and for all,

does not exist

. If you usually eat healthy food - you regularly have vegetables, fruits, products like whole grain bread, durum wheat pasta, lean meat or fish on your table - then you definitely don’t have a burger, a bag of chips or a glass of Coca-Cola a couple of times a week will hurt.

The main thing is to eat no more than one portion of fast food and do not order "fast" food every day. There are good reasons for this: it is proved that people who eat fried potatoes three or more times a week run the risk of dying prematurely.

Cardiovascular diseases develop due to a sedentary lifestyle. This is


since the 90s of the last century. But how do you know if you are moving enough?

Five years ago, American scientists proved : if a person sits in one place for more than five hours in day, his cardiac arteries become fragile and vulnerable.

And even if he goes to the gym after work.

Jacqueline Kulinski

MD, associate professor of cardiovascular medicine at the College of Wisconsin College of Medicine, lead author Research

- Take a walk during the lunch break, walk around the office while talking on the phone, use the stairs instead of the elevator and buy a pedometer so you don’t forget about the daily norm of walks.

Regarding evening leisure and weekends, it is important to understand:

any amount of physical activity

is better than her absence. Therefore, if after work you have absolutely no strength, just walk to the subway or to the house on foot (at the same time take your mind off the daily routine).

To strengthen the cardiovascular system, WHO experts advise to walk at least 2.

5 hours a week.

Smoking harms not only the heart and blood vessels, but the whole body. For example, in the USA, due to smoking

, one in five people dies

. Arteries "get" most of all: active and passive smoking accelerates

the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels. This can lead to

coronary heart disease


Often the disease does not manifest itself in any way, but only until the moment when the atherosclerotic plaque comes off and together with the blood stream enters the heart or brain. So there are heart attacks and strokes. You can avoid them by quitting smoking.

Even if you have smoked all your life, it's never too late to quit. In 2013, American scientists proved that people who quit smoking, after 15 years after that, the risk of cardiovascular disease was the same as people who never even started smoking.

Doctors believe that the most useful thing is

not to drink at all

. A standard glass of beer (350 ml), a glass of wine (140 ml) and a shot of strong alcohol (40 ml)


14 g of pure alcohol. If you drink more than two alcoholic drinks every evening,


a serious risk to vascular health.


blood pressure and blood cholesterol level rises.

Even if you feel good, you still need to check your health.

Cardiovascular diseases are called "silent killers": the symptoms of the disease


slowly and imperceptibly, sometimes due to

of family disposition

. Therefore, cardiovascular diseases can threaten even young people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

In order not to miss the onset of the disease and start treatment on time, it is very important to monitor key health indicators:

  • weigh and measure the waist circumference,
  • measure blood pressure,
  • make an ECG,
  • take blood tests for glucose and cholesterol.

Therapist will help you figure out the results and determine your personal risk level. Every Russian has the right to get a free consultation during the medical examination according to the compulsory medical insurance policy.

Dangerous for heart habits healthy lifestyle easily conquers. Fanaticism is not required: in order to keep the heart "motor" and the vessels leading to it healthy, it is enough to control your health, not to lean on fast food, not to abuse alcohol, walk more and quit smoking.



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