5 free apps to cheer you up

Someone at the end of the day decisively turns off the phone - a bottomless source of information (and sometimes information garbage). But do not rush. There are mobile applications that can help you relax, rest and even sleep.

5 free apps to cheer you up

5 free apps to cheer you up

The more often you repeat the same setting aloud, the higher the likelihood that it will work. Every time you launch the Unique Daily Affirmations application, it gives out some positive phrase, for example: "I'm good enough to do my job.

" Then you press the button and repeat aloud what you read. The application evaluates how loud and clearly you did it, and if something is wrong, asks to repeat it. It's funny that the application periodically reminds of itself, so if you hear someone in the subway or in the office saying loudly: “I will succeed!”, Then he also has the Unique Daily Affirmations application installed.

Free on the A4552 Store / Google Play.

5 free apps to cheer you up

The application helps to sleep well and get up from that leg.

Slee72 Better is a smart alarm clock that will provide you with good food for thought. With it, after a while, more precisely, after a certain number of nights, you will have visual statistics of your sleep before your eyes. If you think that a glass of wine at night or an evening run does not affect your sleep, you are mistaken. All you need for sleep analysis is to leave the phone with the application running near the pillow.

Sensitive sleep, deep sleep, awakening phase - all this application analyzes at the program level, taking into account the time of your sleep.

By the way, it is interesting that the alarm does not work at a strictly defined time, but at the allotted interval, which is thirty minutes. Thus, the application selects the appropriate phase of sleep to play the melody (they are very pleasant).

Free on the A97104 Store / Google Play.

5 free apps to cheer you up

The application is developed for Android only. The task of Ha131133y Habits is to maintain the user's mood at altitude.

After registering and assessing the level of happiness, the application starts a calendar with the schedule of the day and begins to periodically distract from the hustle and bustle with all kinds of polls, exercises, meditation and pleasant memories. All this will help you maintain a positive attitude, provided that you yourself are actively involved in the process.

Free on Google Play.

5 free apps to cheer you up

The application helps to determine what specifically raises your mood, and then correctly teaches you to use it. Every day it conducts a survey of what you like and what don’t, which causes sadness, anger, joy.

He will even ask what you like to eat and what you are allergic to. And then Happy Now, after learning everything he needs, will begin to regularly give out tips, remind you of pleasant things, and recommend different activities. Some of the tips are very pleasant: but should you go to a bar to drink some wine?

Free on the App Store.

5 free apps to cheer you up

A simple reminder that you need to breathe and relax. The application is ideal for those who have long wanted to start meditating.

This process does not actually take as much time as it might seem - just five minutes a day. The application is designed for those who want to learn meditation without incense sticks, religious ideas and yoga. Meditation as a way to plunge into yourself and become calmer (well, happier).

Free on the App Store / Google Play.



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