5 exercises to help you warm up well

Swimming in open water is better than training in the pool: changing temperatures in different areas, waves, currents, long distances - all this will help to better prepare for the competition. In Moscow and Moscow region there are many such places for training. Getting there on foot or by public transport is uncomfortable, but by car - perfect. We found several places where you can go swimming right now.

Place number 1.

Moscow region, Dmitrovsky district, Lake Krugloye.

Place number 2. Moscow Region, Istra Reservoir, Country Club "Romantic".

Place number 3. Moscow, Serebryany Bor, Serebryany Bor beach - 2 (44 Tamanskaya St.


Place number 4. Moscow, Serebryany Bor, Serebryany Bor beach - 3 (4th line of Khoroshevsky Serebryany Bor, d. 15).



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