5 exercises to help increase lips

Actress and Facebook coach Yekaterina Dar once again proves that you can change facial features and get rid of wrinkles with simple movements. How? See new exercises in our selection.

  1. Tighten your lips as if you were pouting, do not press them down. With your index finger, tap in the middle of the lips, as in the video, while the finger slowly comes off the lips.
  2. Perform 15 seconds.

  1. After the first exercises immediately begin this. Put your index finger in the middle of the lips.
  2. Do a quick movement of your finger up and down, count to 20. Relax.
  1. Close your lips and pull them out with a tube.

    Now open and close your mouth with that lip position.

  2. Perform the exercise for 20 seconds.
  1. Put the index fingers on the corners of the lips, stretch out the lips as for a kiss, then draw air into your mouth. Combine these two movements: kiss, puff out your cheeks. The fingers remain on the corners of the lips all the time.

  2. Do three sets of seven times.
  1. Fold your lips in the "piglet". Pull it up and down. Hold for seven seconds above and below. Do two approaches seven times.

  2. Now drag left and right. Lock for seven seconds on each side. Do two approaches seven times. This exercise shapes the contour of the lips, smoothes wrinkles around the mouth.

There is another effective lip exercise - kisses.

Yes, ordinary kisses. So kiss more often!



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