5 exercises for the buttocks, which perfectly fit and make them elastic

The trainer of Five Conce110t Fitness fitness studio Daria Prokhorova knows that almost the best exercise for pumping buttocks is lunges. Therefore, I included two options for non-standard lunges in this complex. In general, the training will be difficult, but how do you want?

  1. Set a tall box or chair. Bend a little. Look straight.

  2. Step with one foot on a dais. Get up in full foot. Do not allow the knee to twist inward - it looks towards the toe. Step on the box with your second foot, but do not lower it to a height - raise your knee high.
  3. Return the second leg back to the floor and repeat the exercise without changing the legs.

  4. Repeat the exercise for 1 minute 20 seconds and then change your leg.
  5. Rest between exercises - 40 seconds.
  1. Get straight , feet shoulder-width apart, take the barbell (individually select the weight) with a direct average grip.
  2. Lower the bar down to the knee along the hips. Keep your back straight; shoulder blades are flattened.

    The look is directed to the floor.

  3. Do the exercise 1 minute 20 seconds.
  1. Install the stand . Become your back to her. The back is straight, the shoulder blades are reduced.

    Feet stand exactly under the hips.

  2. Catch the right foot on the pedestal so that the angle at the knee is 90 degrees. Go down exactly, a little more transferring body weight to the leg in front.
  3. The thigh of the left leg should be parallel to the floor, the right knee at the bottom point does not touch the floor. An angle of 90 degrees should form in the left knee at the lowest point.

  4. Rise from the heel in front of the standing leg, without tilting the body forward and without helping the leg set back.
  5. Perform the exercise for 1 minute 20 seconds on each leg.
  1. Stand straight , feet shoulder width apart. Take the kettlebell and lock it at chest level.
  2. Take your left foot back diagonally and place your foot on the floor, the right foot is bent at the knee (the knee is above the foot, and preferably above the heel).

    The knee of the left leg barely touches the floor.

  3. Do the exercise 1 minute 20 seconds, then change your leg.
  1. Lie down on bend your legs. Put the elastic on your feet just above the knee. Put your feet on your heels.

  2. Put your hands on the floor along the body and tear your buttocks off the floor, tighten them.
  3. Lock in this position and begin to raise your knees at a comfortable pace.
  4. Perform the exercise for 1 minute 20 seconds.

These and other exercises are part of the # HIITYourAss program at Five Concept Fitness. We thank the studio for their help in organizing the shooting.



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