5 effective anti-wrinkle exercises

Together with actress Ekaterina Dar we show five exercises that will help to make the contour of the face outlined, and wrinkles - less noticeable. These movements are indeed considered one of the most effective - they use the maximum number of muscles on the face. Sit back and repeat after Catherine.

  1. A funny but universal exercise that will quickly and effectively warm up almost everything face with an emphasis on the eyes.
  2. Open your eyes and mouth as wide as possible, then return them to a calm position.

    Do two approaches seven times.

  1. Wash your hands before doing this exercise.
  2. Put your thumbs in your mouth, as if probing the nasolabial folds on the back. Hold the nasolabial folds from the outside with your index fingers.
  3. Using your fingers, bring your lips to a smile, then bring them gently to their normal state, resisting with your hands.

    Do three sets of seven times.

  1. Exercise pulls the skin around the neck, tightens the chin, makes the shape of the face more defined.
  2. Raise your head, stretch your lips with a tube - as for a kiss.
  3. Take two sets of seven times, then linger in the up position for seven seconds.
  1. This exercise requires maximum attention and coordination.

    During its execution, the forehead muscles are involved, which people practically do not use in everyday life. Before performing this exercise, you need to stretch your neck well.

  2. Abruptly (but do not overdo it) throw your head back, at the same time open your mouth. Then push the lower jaw forward so that the muscles of the chin are tensed. Take one approach (seven times), then linger with your head up for seven seconds.

  1. Turn your head left and right, with each turn, push the jaw forward. You should feel the tension and warmth.
  2. Take two approaches seven times (turning the head to the right and left is considered at a time). Lock for seven seconds in each direction.

You can learn more tips, more exercises and more secrets on the online course with Ekaterina Dar PRO Face.

In two weeks of short training, you will see such a result that you just won’t want to stop. Instead of wrinkles and bags under the eyes - always rested appearance, excellent mood and a lot of compliments.



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