5 cool tips for those who are used to travel actively (and not spend a lot of money at the same time)

If you are a beginner in sports, but want to spend your vacation as actively as possible, join the ranks of sports tourists already in place. You can book a yoga tour in Altai, India and even in the suburbs. In this case, you do not need to think over the optimal training and nutrition regimen - as a rule, all this is already included in the price. In addition, a company of enthusiasts and mentoring of a professional trainer will help you to smoothly immerse yourself in the training process and understand which schedule is right for you. Plus, in such tours, the emphasis is often on awareness.

Psychological discussions and practices will force you to pay attention to your habits, analyze your daily choices in matters of sports activity, psychological and physical health. Surely many have now thought about


- the annual Sektaschool retreat camp, which for several years has been inviting healthy lifestyle lovers to spend several active weeks on the Black Sea coast (you can have children).

If you choose a standard tour or plan a trip along your own route, take a look at local offers. For example, many resorts have the option of learning the basics of diving. A trial trial dive in the small pool - Discover Scuba - is often offered for free.

In parallel with this, there is the Introductory dive - an open water excursion with an instructor. There are also special courses for beginners - O10en Water Diver according to the PADI system (in the resort version it takes four to five days). The course program includes exercises in the pool, watching a training video, theoretical exercises and four dives in the open water (sea or lake). Than not a sports school!

If the soul asks for freedom, but you are still skeptical of camping and field baths, look around your resort for popular ecotropes. The fighting spirit, fresh air and the understanding that you care about your health are what you need for a successful transition to a sporting lifestyle.

And many other well-known fitness bloggers often indicate their sports locations and invite subscribers to practice with them.



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