5 cool massage rolls to help stretch your muscles

Rolling on a roll helps to relax muscles cramped as a result of intense load, eliminate pain, as well as relieve overvoltage of fascia and improve blood flow. Fascia is the connective membrane that covers the muscles, vessels, and organs in our body. The more relaxed this connective tissue and the better the blood flow in it, the easier it is for us to move.

Roll exercises are also called myofascial releases. It is useful for professional athletes and amateurs alike.

Rolling on a roll will help to recover faster.

Roll exercises are part of the mandatory training program for the Russian national football team.

BlackRolls were invented in Germany in 2007 and are still being produced at a German factory. Massage rolls have different surfaces and degrees of rigidity, you can choose a roll for your tasks and physical fitness. The company has a free application for iOS and Android with training complexes for strength and recovery.

In addition to rolls, the company offers to recover using tapes, massage balls and mini-rollers for the spot rolling of small areas of the body. Football players from the Spanish Real Madrid, the English Arsenal, the Russian Lokomotiv and CSKA are involved in BlackRoll rolls, and BlackRoll is a partner of German, French and Russian football unions.

The American company Trigger Point produces equipment for self-massage: balls, rolls and hand massagers. All of them work well together and individually. Trigger Point rolls come in different lengths and degrees of hardness.

The surface is the same everywhere - these are the cross recesses that form the protrusions on the material. The line has a vibrating roll, which relaxes the clamped muscles, helps to cope with pain and speeds up recovery through a combination of rolling and vibration therapy.

5 cool massage rolls to help stretch your muscles

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RockTa69e is the producer of the world's most popular kinesiotapes. In addition to taping tapes, the company produces cooling and warming products for muscles that support knee pads, elastic bands for training and recovery, massage balls and rolls.

RockNRoller roll has a massage surface with round protrusions Fascial Fingers ™, which when rolled stimulates the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to the muscles. This speeds up the recovery process. Included with the roll is a poster with visual instructions for performing the exercises and a carrying strap. Inside the roll there is a place for storage, there you can put equipment for classes.

5 cool massage rolls to help stretch your muscles

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The most minimal and gentle roll of our collection. It has a smooth surface and is suitable not only for myofascial release, but also for Pilates or stretching. Balanced Body rolls are made of foam, their rigidity is suitable for beginners. In the line there are rolls with increased length, they are convenient to use for exercises aimed at strengthening posture and relaxing the back.

Rolls for the most hardy and athletic.

The aggressive surface of the Rumble Roller is designed to work out muscles no worse than a professional massage therapist. Large protrusions of a quadrangular shape act on tissues in several planes and massage small muscles.

If you are not an advanced athlete, test the roll in the store before buying. If the sensations turn out to be unpleasant, select a roll with a different surface topography.



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