5 cool instagrams about animal love and other good things

Today's selection is about animals. Any society is characterized by an attitude towards the weak: children and animals are an excellent marker. Subscribe to these accounts at least in order to cheer yourself up on an ordinary boring Tuesday.

Here are photos and videos of happy stories: rescued kittens, dogs who found a new home, whales returned to the ocean. In the photo above - a calf who lost his mother, but he was adopted by a goat - and life was a success.

Under many posts are links to other cool accounts, somewhere there are promotions, fundraising and good flash mobs.

Here is such a small funny dog ​​therapist helps children who are so sick that every smile counts, every kind word and touch. Probably, it’s worth saving animals for such matters, although we are sure that there is no need to search for a reason to help or save.

Dog-meme (


) with a defect in the lower jaw. For many years, he has been proving to the whole world that being different is cool and fearless.

Tuna travels, does good deeds and takes pictures.

An amazing pack of several husky and Rosie cat. Together they walk through forests, mountains, waterfalls, relax, play pranks. More often in their family new kittens and dogs appear, which they help to find a real home forever - and forget all the hardships that fell to the poor.

Blog about the boy and his dog.

Touching friendship and hygienic fearlessness! ( Support. )

On that’s all for today. But if you liked it, let me know - we’ll catch even more good fluffy Instagrams.



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