5 books from the school curriculum to be re-read by adults

How much new meaning can you discover for yourself by reading the works from the school curriculum, which, perhaps, once seemed to you so boring and uninteresting! The Challenger has prepared a list of works that again deserve your attention.

5 books from the school curriculum to be re-read by adults

This fantastic the novel was ahead of its time and shocked the whole world - including the British, George Orwell, who, 29 years after the release of We, issued the 1984 dystopia. The main theme of the novel - the life of people in a totalitarian society - after almost a hundred years is again relevant. The narration is conducted on behalf of the D-503 engineer in the form of a personal diary. Forty records that reflect the "revival" of a person and the subsequent "amputation" of his soul.

A world in which people are limited in everything: they have no parents, no freedom of choice, no nature, no real food and no love. Perhaps, you can fully understand and feel the book only in adulthood, having studied a certain historical context and gained life experience.

5 books from the school curriculum to be re-read by adults

Despite the worldwide popularity of Crime and Punishment, Dostoevsky’s main novel is still considered The Idiot (as the writer himself believed). It is believed that this novel is a satire on Tolstoy’s religious ideas, and the fate of the protagonist illustrates the tragic impossibility of translating these ideas into reality. There is an opinion that the novel "Idiot" is Dostoyevsky’s response to Ernest Renan’s book, The Life of Jesus.

The logic is this: Renan portrayed Christ as an ordinary person, a teacher, carrying people with sublime ideas designed to save the world. Be that as it may, Dostoevsky each has his own, and in order to better understand Russian literature, one must consciously re-read the book in adulthood.

5 books from the school curriculum to be re-read by adults

The legendary "Faust" of the German writer for more than two hundred years excites the minds of readers. All the philosophical searches of the playwright and the greatest scientist of his time ended with this book. The plot is familiar to many: the hero of the tragedy, Dr.

Johann Faust, rejected modern science and religion and sold his soul to the devil.

Today this ingenious, deep and philosophical work is interesting not only in itself, but also as an object of many years of research by literary critics, historians and directors.

5 books from the school curriculum to be re-read by adults

The main book of Boris Pasternak is a novel about the fate of the Russian intellectual and about Christianity in its modern incarnation. The Nobel Prize and the ensuing cruel persecution played an equally important role in the fate of the book. How courageously Pasternak met life's difficulties proves: "Doctor Zhivago" is not just a text, it contains everything that the author so sincerely believed.

The book tells about the life of the doctor and poet Yuri Andreyevich Zhivago - from the death of his mother to the death of the hero himself. Pasternak intentionally correlated Zhivago's biography with the tragic history of Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. This is a book about who we are, why we have become what we are, so it must be read again.

5 books from the school curriculum to be re-read by adults

The popularity of "Lolita" is so great that many forget about other works of Vladimir Nabokov. The last Russian-language book of the author is a novel about how the novel is written.

"Gift" is the story of a writer and a text, an attempt to determine his place in Russian literature.

The book tells about adulthood, childhood, the creative formation of the young (and pauper) Russian poet Fyodor Konstantinovich Godunov-Cherdyntsev, who emigrated to Europe. The novel is called the most brilliant work of the writer. Many storylines, a very beautiful and elegant syllable - as critics have repeatedly noticed, the novel is not read so easily. But to challenge yourself is another reason to re-read (or read) The Gift.



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