5 bloggers to help you learn a foreign language

They say that the language cannot be learned online. It is not true. Social networks can be much more useful than you might imagine. We found five foreign language teachers who clearly and interestingly explain the rules through Instagram.

This blog teaches English.

Here you can learn how to say “play it safe”, the difference between the words relate and relatable and what dad jokes is. Tanya writes in simple language and clearly explains even the most incomprehensible phenomena of the English language.

The title of Regina’s teacher’s blog is translated as “German together”. The girl focuses on grammar, creates a lot of collages and tablets, which explains the difficulties of constructing tenses, using articles and even fluctuations in the gender of a noun. The teacher sometimes arranges draws of free skype lessons.

The blog of the Russian teacher Polina from the University of Bologna. She teaches Italian. Entering this blog as if you are in Italy - there are no tables and rules in it. Through life stories and her Italian adventures, Polina teaches the necessary words and expressions and simultaneously talks about the most beautiful Italian destinations and atypical tourist places.

Blogger Julia lives in sunny Spain and directly from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is recording training videos.

How good is such a system? And the fact that subscribers can not only read a rule or a new word, but also hear how to pronounce it all correctly.

From Mary’s blog you will learn that Chinese and the Russian language is actually not so different. She is recording a video where she teaches how to pronounce Chinese words, writes a lot about culture and how to enter a Chinese university without knowing the language.



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