5 apps to help you live a healthy life: choose The Challenger

A healthy lifestyle will be easier if you download the right apps to your smartphone. They will help to monitor physical activity, nutrition, drinking regimen and training schedule.

Many underestimate this is application for 36Phone - and in vain, because in it I can you can collect a personal medical card, and also track your daily activity, diet, sleep, and more. It is convenient to use, it can add data from other applications.

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5 apps to help you live a healthy life: choose The Challenger

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If you monitor your diet, this application will help you keep a diary. Want to lose weight? Enter the required numbers - and it will calculate the daily rate of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the application, you can update weight data and mark workouts, and premium users have access to ready-made nutrition plans.

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This application will help с monitor the level of productivity of stress and stress and measure pulse. The principle of work is as follows: according to the heartbeat, indicators of the emotional and physical state of a person are established. Taking measurements before and after a certain action (for example, a business meeting), you can learn about its effect on the body and, if necessary, change your habits.

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It is important to drink water regularly and in sufficient volume, but adhering to this rule is sometimes difficult.

In this case, you should turn to this drinking tracker . The application will remind you that it is time to drink water, and also show statistics of the results.

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This application can replace you with a fitness trainer. Create your own training plan or choose a ready one, study not only in the gym, but also at home, study step-by-step video instructions and record the results.

You can create a training program , so that will be directed to the problem areas.

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