4 ways to recover after work and finally relax

Have you ever dreamed of such a magical elevator that would be activated every time at the end of the working day - you just need to press the call button, as the person immediately forgets about who he works and what urgent matters remained unresolved. He just goes out on the ground floor, determined to devote the evening hours to what he loves (besides work, of course) - friends, hobbies, family, sports and, possibly, volunteering.

Alas, such an elevator has not yet been invented, but a smartphone that allows a person to be in touch 24 hours a day is already in your pocket and is constantly trying to notify you about something. Urgent presentation, urgent brief, urgent revisions - do you still remember those distant times when the work was not urgent? But what about your friends, family, children, hobbies? But what about your life - what is it, non-urgent?

The second law of dialectics says: quantitative changes always turn into qualitative . And if so, then answer: are you sure that a 24-hour working day will positively affect this quality? Are you sure that your life and career will become better from this?

We have written many times that the key to happiness is balance.

If the balance shifts towards work, then there is a great risk of getting (in addition to increase) emotional burnout, and if towards relaxation and entertainment - a personal crisis and total lack of money. Thus, the ability to smoothly move from solving work issues to relaxation, rest and idleness (may workaholics forgive us) will help you not only maintain psychological (and possibly physical) health, but also enjoy life and its diversity.

How to learn how to quickly switch between work and leisure, we tell below - we found four cool ways.



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