4 types of bosses: how to work with each of them

Professional development consultant Mary Abbejey in her book Managing u12 did not talk about how to manage a boss's subordinates, but how subordinates deal with the boss. In her opinion, all managers can be divided into four categories. And each has its pros and cons.

4 types of bosses: how to work with each of them

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This type of boss is always focused on tasks, actions and results.

Engines are least concerned about building a warm relationship. They are straightforward in their statements, sometimes harsh. Such people are focused on success and may be impatient with those employees who do not meet their expectations or take decisions for a long time. For such a boss, there is nothing but new tasks and getting the most effective and fastest results possible.

Mary Abbejey noticed that boss bosses are easiest to please, because their expectations are so predictable.

The main thing, she believes:

  • accelerate. Highlight the main thing that you would like to communicate and talk about it right away;
  • to come with solutions, not problems;
  • to be prepared. Engines value their time and do not want to wait until you finish your thought process;
  • do not shade and seize the initiative;
  • do your job .

4 types of bosses: how to work with each of them

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Always full of energy, charisma and optimism.

They are known for their enthusiasm, humor and desire to take risks. They make everyone believe in their ideas and very poorly endure the routine. Most of all they are happy when they talk about plans for the future. They have a quick (sometimes too much) reaction, and they freely express their ideas and emotions. They love to start new projects, but often lose interest when it comes to details or about completing a project.

To be in harmony with the chief energizer means to be on the same wavelength with him, Abbejey believes. What to do:

  • build a relationship with them;
  • no need to convince them, they are always enthusiastic about their ideas. You will have time to disagree, but wait for the discussions to begin;
  • plan and execute. Most of all, the boss energizer loves people who can realize his idea;
  • double-check the ideas. Not everything the boss says is considered a call to action;
  • be creative;
  • praise them publicly.

4 types of bosses: how to work with each of them

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Appraisers encourage quality, precision and accuracy. They are very organized and want to know all the facts and background before making a decision. They value concreteness, caution and objectivity. They are methodical and focused on the process.

Usually they need more time to react. They are serious, hardworking, persistent and demanding. They are sometimes considered picky. Appraisers are prone to perfectionism.

The bottom line is to understand what motivates them (objectivity and a clear plan) and present them with solutions that fit into this.

Here are some strategies:

  • avoid surprises;
  • be prepared. Without details and facts, your boss will accept everything new with suspicion and reject it;
  • respect the process;
  • slow down. The appraiser will experience stress if he has to make a decision in a hurry;
  • manage your emotions;
  • learn to anticipate their doubts and come with answers and decisions .

4 types of bosses: how to work with each of them

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This type values ​​people, relationships, stability and harmony.

They want to help people be successful and happy. Their favorite approach is to come to a consensus with two opposing opinions. They believe that the best solution is where everyone is happy. Others usually perceive them as kind, pleasant in communication and modest. They care about the quality of work and do not respond well to constant pressure.

Their predisposition to stability and harmony may result in unwillingness to change.

The harmonization bosses are most likely already trying to make your life easier. Here's how to do the same for them:

  • focus on the team. Even if you are not very interested in the feelings of others, feign it. The boss will appreciate your concern, and the team will benefit from this;
  • do not dramatize;
  • rethink your wishes to the management.

    Present them as necessary to maintain the safety and stability of the company;

  • help in making decisions. Your boss loves to work in a team and receive support from others;
  • be kind to people;
  • look for a mentor somewhere else, your boss hardly able to be.


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