4 Travel Telegrams: The Challenger's Choice

Promotions for tickets and tours, city guides, life hacks on trips - we recommend those who are planning a trip to look at these useful telegram channels.

Travelhacks publishes travel tips and helpful articles. Here are a few topics that the channel’s authors wrote about: how to get travel insurance, how to hand over tickets to bankrupt airlines, and how to travel to Antarctica. You can find a post on a topic that interests you using hashtags. The creators of Travelhacks also have an aggregator channel for cheap tours and tickets.

On the channel you can find information about unusual and interesting places, such as Cape Horn in South America, Yala Park in Sri Lanka, the Parliament Palace in Romania. If you run out of travel ideas, the channel will be especially useful.

The channel can be useful not only for future emigrants, but also for those planning a long trip to a country. The main feature here is a huge number of thematic chats (there are about two hundred of them in European countries only).

Channel with life hacks for those who want relax on a budget.

For example, you will learn what to do if documents are lost on the way, how to make friends during a solo trip, how to quickly get together on a trip and take advantage of current promotions.

4 Travel Telegrams: The Challenger's Choice

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