4 simulators that can be replaced by more effective

Endless classes on the same simulators are not only boring, but simply ineffective. We asked Dmitry Garusov, Crocus Fitness club trainer, to tell you which exercises can be added to the training plan instead of those that have already “outlived themselves”.

- On the simulator "butterfly" you can work out the pectoral muscles well. On exhalation, you need to slowly bring your hands together, linger in this position for one to two seconds and slowly spread your arms to the sides. You should feel a slight stretch of the pectoral muscles.

Beginners are not always able to find the weight to perform this exercise effectively.

The butterfly trainer can be replaced with the breeding of hands with dumbbells on the bench. But here it is important to ensure that when mixing the scapulae are really reduced, and when breeding, the elbows do not fall below the body.

4 simulators that can be replaced by more effective

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Extension of the lower leg is an exercise that involves the muscles of the anterior surface of the thigh and the muscles of the cortex.

It is effective only under the condition of slow bending and extension of the leg. In addition, you need to monitor your knees: during extension, you should not feel excessive tension in the joint.

In our gym we replace the extension of the lower leg in the simulator with the sled pull behind us. This movement is more natural. When doing it, you hold the straps on straight arms and control that the back remains straight.

The muscles of the press work as stabilizers, preventing the back from hunching.

4 simulators that can be replaced by more effective

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It is rather difficult to choose the right exercise for effective the work of the press. All exercises in which the legs are fixed involve the muscles of the hip flexors. This, in turn, does not allow to use the full potential of the abdominal muscles.

The same applies to the twist trainer.

I would advise you to replace the torsion simulator with the elevator of the body on the floor. Put foot to foot, and knees apart. It is important to ensure that during the exercise the lower back is pressed to the floor and there is no amplitude movement in the spine. At the end point, the body should be perpendicular to the floor and the arms raised up.

Try to go to bed slowly, and rise quickly.

4 simulators that can be replaced by more effective

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To perform this movement, the technique is important: you need to lean back about 10 degrees, lower the shoulder blades and begin to reduce them to each other (while the elbows must be lowered down).

The rod of the upper block is a lightweight version of the pull-ups. Therefore, if it became easy for you, then try to catch up at least a few times.

Those who do not succeed so far can try pull-ups with shock absorbers in the form of rubber bands.With the right rubber bands (which partially compensate for body weight), even beginners will be able to pull themselves up.

Another alternative is pull-ups on the TRX. When performing this exercise, the legs are on the floor, the hip joint is just below the shoulder girdle, and the palms are pointing down. While pulling your elbows back, bringing the shoulder blades.

- Do not forget that, due to the incorrectly selected amplitude of movement, there is a risk of injury. Therefore, before starting a particular set of exercises, seek the help of a specialist who can help you correctly calculate the load.

4 simulators that can be replaced by more effective



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