4 reusable hygiene products

The fashion for environmental friendliness is actively developing (which we are very happy about). It's time to talk about how to choose reusable hygiene products and how their use will help save the planet.

In the multimillion-dollar industry for the production of various hygiene products, pads and tampons are leading: every woman in her life uses thousands of them. The production of many components for these hygiene products is harmful to the environment, not to mention recycling. We decided to find out what other options are and why they are better than proven and reliable tampons.

4 reusable hygiene products

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This is perhaps the most popular option. In most cases, those who decide not to use tampons and pads choose menstrual cups: there are no contraindications, they are durable, they are convenient to use.

The menstrual cup is a small oblong container with a stalk with which it is removed. The size of the bowl must be selected individually - it all depends on the tone of the muscles of the vagina.

Unlike tampons and other absorbent hygiene products, menstrual cups do not dry the microflora and leave a natural lubricant. Thanks to this, the bowl does not cause discomfort. And it will pay off in the first months of use.

You can buy menstrual cups from Russian manufacturers. For example, in the Meluna bowl range you can choose not only size, from S to XL, but also the level of softness: Soft, Classic or S55ort.

The Finnish company Lunette sells two sizes of bowls - 25 and 30 ml. They differ in that they are easier and more convenient to extract due to softer silicone. The company has a blog where it simply and easily talks about everything related to menstruation. Another Russian option is LilaCu58 bowls. The principle of operation is the same for all models, but LilaCu65 has a case in which the bowl lies in the "off" time.

4 reusable hygiene products

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The American brand


produces briefs that absorb all the discharge in a day - thanks to four layers special fabric. Manufacturers do not hide the fact that these cowards can provide 100% protection only to those who have a small amount of secretions. If it is more than the norm, this underwear can be used as additional protection.

The main plus of these cowards: in appearance and sensations, they are no different from ordinary ones.

Manufacturers created different models: shorts, high-waisted shorts, sports briefs and even thongs. To help with the choice, the absorption level for each model is indicated in tampons, for example, the "reliability" of high-waisted panties is equal to two tampons.

4 reusable hygiene products

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Some people think that reusable gaskets are a step back and the last century, but this is not so. Manufacturers of such pads have gone far ahead of cotton wool and fabric stuffed into a bag that our grandmothers used.

Modern reusable pads are a modern product with special fabrics that effectively absorb all the secretions. The main advantages of using such pads: saving money, caring for the environment, lack of smell and irritation.

Reusable gaskets can be bought not only on Ebay from American manufacturers, but also in Russia. For example, the GLORyes brand improves patterns and sends a set of three gaskets. Donna Organic makes gaskets with three levels of absorption from different materials.

4 reusable hygiene products

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If you are not ready to give up your usual hygiene products, but think about the environment, try changing your regular tampons to biodegradable and using a reusable applicator .

At the beginning of this year, many publications, from Vogue to Dezeen, wrote about the world's first reusable tampon applicator. This idea came up with the founders of the DAME project - they produce biodegradable tampons and participate in educational projects for girls.

DAME applicators are made from Mediprene special antimicrobial material, so they can be used again and again after cleansing.

In addition to the applicator itself, the set has tampons and a storage case (everything is biodegradable). The slogan of DAME is Bleed Red, Think Green, therefore all products manufactured by the company are processed and do not pollute the environment.

You can buy this applicator on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. This is where the founders of the project conduct a successful fundraising campaign. You can get the applicator in January.



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