4 myths about vision, in which it is time to stop believing

─ Digital screens, with the exception of books with electronic ink, intensely emit blue-violet light, which refers to the short-wavelength part of the visible spectrum. Long-term exposure to blue-violet light causes the symptoms of visual fatigue familiar to many: blurred vision, a feeling of dryness and pain in the eyes, a feeling of heaviness of the eyelids and pain in the superciliary arches. Another cause of eye fatigue is long-term focusing at close range, which may result in accommodation spasm or false myopia.

But all this does not mean that you should completely abandon the computer and quit your job if it is connected with your work in front of the screen. To protect your eyes, when working with gadgets it is recommended to wear glasses with lenses that block the blue-violet light.

During the day, you need to periodically be distracted from the electronic device and do simple exercises that help your eyes relax: turn your eyes clockwise, look alternately left, right, up and down, blink - first quickly, then slowly - squint and open your eyes wide. And of course, do not forget to eat fully so that the eyes receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Together, these preventative measures will help maintain healthy vision.



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