4 most useless exercises (and how to replace them)

Do you exercise regularly but don’t notice progress? Open your training plan and remove all unnecessary and ineffective exercises from it. Ivan Seleznev, a trainer of the World Class fitness club chain, refers to the latter as isolated exercises - and, of course, offers to urgently find a replacement for them.

If you do this exercise correctly - keeping your lower back firmly pressed to the floor and neck extended, then the result will be. The problem is that not everyone follows the technique. As a result, the rectus abdominis muscle is almost not involved, and the thigh muscles take over the main part of the load.

4 most useless exercises (and how to replace them)

Different types of straps (classic, side, with support on the forearms, dynamic and others) - The best solution for those who want to have a strong press and a narrow waist. This exercise allows you to effectively work out the abdominal muscles, and at the same time improve posture.

To safely complete this exercise, you need to choose the right angle at which you will do the squat. This is not easy, especially for beginners: the bar of the simulator moves in one plane, because of which the movement of the hips when squatting becomes unnatural, and you risk getting injured.

4 most useless exercises (and how to replace them)

Replace Smith’s work with regular squats.

When you have mastered the technique well, try to squat with extra weight, for example using a bodybar or bar. This exercise has many advantages: strengthening the muscles of the hips and buttocks, you also improve balance and coordination.

This isolated triceps strengthening exercise is not suitable for everyone. If you have weak muscles of the abdomen and back, most likely you will not be able to do it correctly: it is important to maintain correct posture and work rhythmically.

4 most useless exercises (and how to replace them)

Make a choice in favor of push-ups from the floor or on the uneven bars.

Exercises with a rubber expander, simulating strokes, as when swimming with a crawl, are another effective way to use triceps.

Performing a leg press, you almost do not strain your back muscles. This can be useful for those who are forbidden axial loads, for example, in the presence of an intervertebral hernia and other problems with the spine. But if your health is in full order, it is better to cross out the leg press from the training plan, finding him a worthy replacement.

4 most useless exercises (and how to replace them)

This exercise, for example, in the tabata mode - a short interval training - can be included in the work several muscle groups at once: hips, buttocks and back, increasing the effectiveness of your workout several times.



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