3 good habits that will help save the oceans

According to the report,

published in the journal Science Advances

, only about 9% of the plastic is recycled, 12 % burn, and 79% remain in the environment. Thus, annually from 1.15 to 2.4 million tons of plastic enters the World Ocean. These are packages, disposable cups, sticks for stirring sugar and a lot of other garbage that animals take for food, and then die because they are not able to digest it.

News of dead whales, dolphins, turtles and other marine animals found on the coasts

comes from all over the world

and serves as eloquent proof that we need to abandon plastic as soon as possible. And even in places where a person’s foot hasn’t set foot, you will surely find a plastic mark: on the uninhabited island of Henderson, located in the South Pacific, scientists have discovered 38 million pieces of plastic.



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