3 educational routes for jogging in Moscow: pumping legs and erudition

During a run, you can not only train your body, but also learn more about the city. Together with the cultural platform


The Challenger made three routes of "architectural" runs: you will find old Moscow, acquaintance with little-known monuments of constructivism, as well as parks and ponds.

3 educational routes for jogging in Moscow: pumping legs and erudition

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Route description: Larch alley, 2A - Timiryazevskaya st. , 49 - Timiryazevskaya St.

, 53, - st. Pryanishnikova, 2A - Krasnostudenchesky passage, 17 - Park "Dubki" - st. Ivanovskaya, 3 - st. Timiryazevskaya, 33.

Introduction to early constructivism we start with the Larch alley and the buildings of the K.

A. Timiryazev Academy (the Academy was designed by Boris Iofan - author of the project "Houses on the Embankment" and "Stalin's Heights" ) . Going past, pay attention to the Collective Farm Building of the Academy and the hostel . Especially for students under the roofs, fashionable solarium balconies , which form a semicircular ledge, were built under the roofs.

Run along the alley past Middle Farm Pond to Petrovsko-Razumovskoe estate , in the park of which L.

N walked Tolstoy and A.P. Chekhov. Repeating the writers' route, find the grotto where the student Ivan Ivanov was killed (it was this story that laid the foundation for “Demons” by F. M.


Take a closer look at the wooden house of Richard Schroeder and Vasily Williams (structures of this type in Moscow can be counted on the fingers) . Continuing the route, move to the Educational Building of the Higher School of Press and Media Industry of Moscow Polytechnic University. The building itself is discreet, but the places around are very picturesque: the building stands on the shore of the pond and is beautifully reflected in the water.

Then turn back along Timiryazevskaya street and take a rest at Krasnostudenskogo proezda - the oldest tram stop in Moscow .

Conductor Konstantin Paustovsky worked on this route, leaving enthusiastic descriptions of the pavilion in his memoirs.

Without slowing down, go through the Dubki park to of the Church of St. Nicholas of Myra . This masterpiece of wooden architecture was restored in 1995 according to the drawings of the architect Schechtel.

We offer to complete the run in the village Straw gatehouse .

Here you will find Vuchetich’s workshop. After the sculptor's death, models of his monumental works remained on the territory: the head of the statue "Motherland" and the design of the monument to Lenin.

3 educational routes for jogging in Moscow: pumping legs and erudition

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Route description: st. Prechistenka, 1 - st.

Prechistenka, 11/8 - st. Prechistenka, 15/10 - st. Prechistenka, 21 - st. Prechistenka, 32 - Maiden Field Square - Maiden Field Avenue, 4 - 2nd Lane of Truzhenikov, 4/19 - st. Plyushchikha, 64/6 - st.

Elanskogo, 2A - st. Pogodinskaya, 12A - Novodevichy pr-d, 1 - st. Usacheva, 19A - st. Luzhniki Stadium, 24.

We start from Prechistenka and from White Chambers - a monument of architecture of the 17th century, in which, after the revolution of 1917, communal apartments were arranged.

Next we go to Tolstoy’s house , where the count wrote about a hundred of his works. Further along the route you will see Russian Academy of Arts. Once upon a time, the house belonged to the manufacturer Ivan Morozov, who kept a collection of Western European paintings here. On Prechistinka, look into the courtyard of house number 32 , where the sculptures of the heroes of 1812 stand, and enjoy the silence unusual for Moscow.

Crossing the Garden Ring, run to Maiden Field Square - this is a great place for respite.

Here you will see the building of the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation , which you cannot confuse with anything. Built in 1937, it resembles a giant suitcase with a tank on a pedestal. Continuing your acquaintance with constructivism, go over to the village of Pogodinskoe and of the club of the Kauchuk factory . Here is the Temple of the Archangel Michael and the famous blue house - Pogodinsky hut , decorated in the tradition of folk wooden architecture.

Then go past of the Pirogovskaya hospital complex and go around the Novodevichy Convent - a medieval building that caused the Time of Troubles, and the accession of the Romanovs, and the Patriotic War of 1812.

Do not forget another monument of constructivism - the first in Moscow residential complex "Usachevka" . Then cross the overpass and complete a run at the Luzhniki Stadium, a typical example of modernism from the Khrushchev era.

3 educational routes for jogging in Moscow: pumping legs and erudition

Route description: Kotelnicheskaya embankment, 1/15 - Andronievskaya square 10 - st. Volochaevskaya, 38 - nab. Academician Tupolev, ow.

4, p. 1 - st. Krasnokazarmennaya, 3 - st. Hospital, 6 - pl. Zhuravleva, 1 - st.

Elektrozavodskaya, 12, p. 1 - st. Elektrozavodskaya, d. 21 - st. Stromynka, 6 - Rusakovskaya St.

26 - st. Sokolniki Val, 1, p. 1.

We start the run from the mouth of the Yauza, where it flows into the Moscow River, and follow the left bank. At the rate there will be a house on Kotelnicheskaya embankment , which we recommend to go around in order to consider its details.

The skyscraper is decorated with interesting sculptures: for an unknown reason, the author depicted one of the Komsomol members in a dress torn on his chest. Slow down the pace near the Andronikov Monastery and look at the Spassky Cathedral in its territory - the oldest surviving church in Moscow. From the cathedral, follow to the Stroganovs estate and relax at Syromyatnichesky waterworks - in style it resembles ancient architecture, but it was built during the years of Stalin's industrialization.

We continue our run through the linden alleys of Lefortovo Park. We stop at the Venus Dam - the bridge was built on the occasion of the coronation of Catherine I, and we are looking nearby for Peter's favorite gazebo .

At the exit of the park, pay attention to the Widows of the house in the Soldiers' settlement and continue to jog along the promenade. Here you will see Palace on Yauz , where they filmed Carnival Night and the Blue Light episodes.

Slow down the merchant’s wooden mansion Nosov (according to rumors, a ghost lives here). Walk to the electric plant and, having crossed to the other side of the river, follow Stromynka to Bakhrushins brothers hospital in pseudo-Russian style . A little further there will be Constructivist Rusakov House of Culture (the building is innovative even for our time).

Then run around Sokolniki Fire Tower - one of the few surviving pre-revolutionary towers, and end the route at Sokolniki Park, where you must pull your muscles after a run.



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