2 success stories when regular guys became kickboxing champions

- When I was 11, I really wanted to go in for boxing, but there was only a kickboxing section near the house. If I could change my sport now, I would definitely become a boxer, but for now I continue to perform in kickboxing: it’s more difficult to organize a professional boxing fight. I could become the champion of Uzbekistan, but the national team was not in the country then, so I never dreamed of a world championship.

He came to Moscow, like everyone else, to earn money: he got a car wash in Khimki, but did not want to tie up with sports at all and he was looking for a competition for himself. At first he performed at small ones, and then even before the invitation to the tournament TNA grew up.

I won it, however, only the second time, but since then, before each fight, I really worry: I do not want to let down people who believe in me anymore.

I have three older brothers, but only I am professionally involved in sports. Everyone but my mother watches my battles: she only finds out the result. My photo from the tournament hung on the car wash, so that all our customers knew who I am , and even tried to leave more money, but I never took a tip.

I train two times a day , and it is already impossible to combine sports with work, but the guys from the car wash continue to cheer for me.

I remember that during work shifts I always had thoughts about kickboxing, and if there was free time, I found ways to train even there.

In April I have to speak to my native audience: a big tournament will be held in Uzbekistan, and for the sake of it my team even suffered one planned match. By the way, I met my coach Ruslan Krivusha only last year. He invited me to his place after I won the fight against two-time world champion Alexander Drobinin. After the world title, I dream of getting into Glory - the most prestigious kickboxing promotion .



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