15 thoughts you should not believe if you are depressed

It may seem to those who suffer from depression and eternal despondency that the limit on happiness has been exhausted - the winter will be long and even the calendar summer will not drive it away. Life at such moments begins to resemble boxing fights - apathy and sadness in the right corner of the ring, everyday activities and work in the left. Who will win today? And today insomnia, lack of appetite, procrastination and complete social isolation will prevail. Why burden other people with your problems? It’s not fashionable to be sad for a long time.

Depression (and her cousin anxiety) is more like a little devil from American comedies - he appears on your shoulder and begins to whisper in your ear all kinds of offensive things.

For example, he says that you do not deserve what you dream about, or that people with whom you are close do not really love you - the road to healthy relationships and self-confidence is closed for eternal repair.

There are few antidotes for such conditions. But still they are. In addition to qualified medical care, you will be saved by such “medicines” as irony, a sense of humor and sarcasm. They have no contraindications, but they hit exactly on target.

Here is 15 SMS that you could receive if depression knew how to use the phone and she had your number.



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