15 books to read about feminism if you want to know everything about it

Liv Stremquist, "The Fruit of Knowledge."

The Swedish feminist, artist Liv Stremkvist, whose paintings of women with menstruation in the Stockholm metro caused a mixed reaction among the residents of the city, drew an excellent sarcastic comic strip on topical topics. Have you ever thought why no one should know that your period goes and why they should be hidden? Why don't men even know where the clitoris is? Why did NASA send a message into space about life on Earth, where a man has distinct genitals and a woman does not? With the help of a chronological story, you will see how much the attitude towards female sexuality has changed and how it ceased to be important to give a woman pleasure.

Emily Nagoski, "As a Woman Wants. A Workshop on the Science of Sex.


"Because of the upbringing adopted in our country, women are completely incompetent in sex: we just do what we instill all these negative and frightening ideas about illness and shame. And when they turn eighteen, they must suddenly turn into sexy rock stars, be able to achieve several orgasms in a row and generally behave completely relaxed. It's absurd! "

The main idea of ​​the book is YOU NORMAL. Society is always looking for a reason to shame a woman. Do you want sex? Whore.

Nymphomaniac. Do not want? Hypocrite. You are too fat. Or too thin. You have huge breasts.

Or are you flat. If you are not trying to change yourself, you are just lazy. If everything suits you, you have a low bar. Women are ashamed of their desires, their body, sensations and thoughts.

Emily Nagoski, an expert in sex education with twenty years of experience, answers questions about the female body and sexuality.

Nina Brockmann and Ellen Stoken Dahl, "Viva la vagina. Stop hiding the hidden possibilities of the body, which is not customary to call."

"Good girls should by no means draw attention to the fact that the intimate zone needs a shower. After all, this can reveal the great secret about secretions" - from the creators, "do not dare to dry your underpants in the bathroom , suddenly, who will see "and" how is your husband buying tampons for you? "

This book presents everything that a woman has to collect bit by bit on the Internet (often on foreign sites) in order to at least somehow be aware of what is happening with her body.

I definitely recommend the book to those who still think that the hymen is such a film that there are five (ten, twenty) types of orgasm that oral contraceptives are harmful and abortion is more dangerous than pregnancy and childbirth.



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