11 ways to care for your skin without any cosmetics

We do not offer you to completely abandon cosmetics. But remember: there are free and at the same time very effective ways to take care of yourself. Do not give thanks!

Too hot water can break the skin's protective barrier , depriving it of the necessary hydration. Wash with warm water as close to body temperature as possible. By the way, the same applies to the soul - do not include too hot water, so as not to harm the skin.

Used cosmetics, bacteria, sebum, sweat, dust - all this accumulates on makeup brushes. And if you don’t wash them, all this “garbage” will get on your skin every time you apply makeup. This can cause acne. So do not be lazy and wash your brushes regularly (at least once a week).

11 ways to care for your skin without any cosmetics

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Many are convinced that you can drink less water in winter than in summer. But this is not so. In winter, the body can lose moisture even faster than in the warm season (especially if the room where you are is hot and the humidity is minimal). Place a glass or reusable water bottle in a prominent place and remember to drink when working in the office or in the gym. For variety and greater benefit, fruit can be added to the water.

If you have a habit of constantly touching your face, get rid of it (we wrote about how to get rid of bad habits in this article). Touching your face with dirty hands can cause acne. And if it was not possible to avoid the appearance of acne, do not squeeze them out - this can lead to inflammation and even the appearance of scars. There are other ways to get rid of acne.

Wrinkles may appear while you sleep (especially if you sleep on your side).

Due to friction against coarse tissue, folds form on the skin, which can subsequently turn into wrinkles. The skin glides along silk, the friction is minimal, the risk of wrinkles is less.

11 ways to care for your skin without any cosmetics

If you consume too much sugar, early or later, it

will affect

on the health of your skin. In addition, an excess of sweet in the diet can lead

to a jump in insulin

(pancreatic hormone), as well as inflammation and loss of skin elasticity . If you notice that your skin began to lose elasticity, acne and wrinkles appeared on your face - review your diet.

11 ways to care for your skin without any cosmetics

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Namely with the influence of sunlight, scientists attribute the occurrence of about

90% of the signs of aging

(especially for owners of fair skin). This is a reason to hide in the shade when you spend time in the fresh air on a sunny day. In winter, continue to use a cream with protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (the level of protection may be lower than in summer).

Remember to also protect the skin around the eyes.

Bright light makes you squint, which may cause wrinkles. Wear sunglasses in the city (even in winter) or a snowboard mask if you ride in the mountains.

Physical activity is useful not only for your figure, but also for skin health. When you move, the blood circulation in the body improves, the blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which improves the condition of the skin. Another positive effect of training - they help to cope with stress.

11 ways to care for your skin without any cosmetics

Due to stress and anxiety, the hormone cortisol is produced in the body. If stress haunts you constantly, it leads to overwork of the nervous system. And also in high

cortisol level


  • it causes dry skin, worsens complexion;
  • enhances the production of sebum, which can cause acne;
  • makes the skin less elastic and provokes the appearance of wrinkles;
  • can cause redness on the face;
  • strengthens skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis.

So sometimes you find time to recover and meditate, exclude from life those factors that make you nervous , - and your skin will look better.

Nicotine has a destructive effect on skin cells.

In addition, blood vessels constrict due to smoking and nutrients enter the skin more slowly. Smoking leads to premature aging, dehydration, provokes the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, makes the complexion dull. Scientists


that the process of regeneration in smokers proceeds more slowly than in those who do not smoke. How to quit smoking safely and forever, we talked about in this article.

11 ways to care for your skin without any cosmetics

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- the best skin beauty product. It decreases the

level of cortisol

(we said above that this hormone has a bad effect on the skin condition). During sleep, collagen is produced in the body, due to which the skin is smoothed, cell regeneration and wound healing occur.



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