10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

Sooner or later there comes a moment when it is no longer possible to sit at home. If you already feel that you can no longer lie on the couch on weekends, then here are 10 types of winter sports that will help you not only to stretch all your muscles, but also to have fun.

Burns up to 630 kcal / hour

10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

Snowboarding is perhaps the most extreme winter sport. While riding on the board, the load on the joints is reduced, which can not be said about the muscles of the press, legs and back, which are involved in movement and are well worked out. If you have never climbed a snowboard before, then before that it is better to take a couple of lessons from a professional instructor and begin to conquer the mountain peaks from small gentle slopes.

By the way, Maxim Balakhovsky, the legend of Russian freeriding and heli-ski guide, shared his experience and gave some useful tips for beginners - you can read them HERE.

Burns up to 700 kcal / hour

10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

Skiing is a new run, and with each In the year their popularity is only gaining momentum, so already in January 2016 there will be special races for amateur skiers (the closest is Night Ski Grom in Meshchersky Park on January 17). By the way, you can come to the same Meshchersky Park absolutely any day of the week and enjoy skiing - at the end of December a cool ski base

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opened here (there are three tracks for 2, 6 and 10 kilometers, you can ride around a large pond or climb further into the forest). At the same time, skiing is not only an excellent fat burning workout, in which absolutely all muscle groups are involved (calves and the back of the thigh are especially well worked out), but also a safer type of activity than running on asphalt, since there is no shock load. Plus, anyone can go skiing, regardless of the general level of training - there are practically no contraindications here.

But if we are talking about downhill skiing, then things are not so smooth here - during the descent from the mountain at high speed, the pressure on the joints increases.

Burns to 570 kcal / hour

10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

Firstly, it is beautiful, but secondly very, very energy intensive. If you are tired of hour jogging on a treadmill, then it's time to learn new planes and go to the skating rink in winter. So, a person who, for his pleasure, winds circles on ice, while not having the goal of breaking a world record, loses an average of about 300 calories per hour. In addition, ice skating is an excellent type of fat burning training, during which problematic body parts such as buttocks, hips, calves and abs work especially well.

And if you still invite to a skating rink a friend whom you could not meet during the year, you will not only burn calories, but also have a cool time in winter.

Burns up to 650 kcal / hour

10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

Hockey in Russia is more than just a winter sport, it is a real passion. A full house in the ice palace happens as often as in principle football matches. By the way, active fans in the stands also spend energy - 60 calories in 10 minutes. But doing it yourself is always more interesting than watching from the side.

In addition, hockey is the most difficult sport that not only involves all muscle groups, but also helps to form qualities such as endurance and quick reaction. But it is important to remember that episodic irregular training in the winter can negatively affect the health of the cardiovascular system. And remember, if you have chosen hockey for yourself, then visiting a cardiologist every two and a half months should be mandatory.

Burns up to 360 kcal / hour

10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

Curling is a great option for a family holiday, as this, firstly, a team sport, and secondly, any person, regardless of physical fitness, will not only have a great time with minimal risk of injury, but also burn hundreds of extra calories. The fact is that almost all muscle groups participate in the process of bending, throws and rubbing ice, but due to moderate load they do not experience overstrain.

As a result, you will also get rid of extra pounds, and develop teamwork skills, and strengthen your muscles.

Burns up to 400 kcal / hour

10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

You should not be skeptical about this fun winter pastime , because riding a sled, you completely imperceptibly and without special efforts burn a lot of calories. Try to calculate how many times you climb a mountain during such a "training"? And it is not surprising that the calves, the outer and inner thighs will be felt by evening. And if you want to use your hands as well, then it's time to put into practice the proverb about a good friend riding and sledding, but the main thing to remember is your own back - at the slightest discomfort, drop the rope and take the passenger seat.

Burns up to 720 kcal / hour

10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

Snowshoeing is an undeservedly forgotten type of physical activity in Russia and An excellent winter workout that strengthens the cardiovascular system and develops stamina.

Needless to say, that extra kilograms during such a walk are burned in the best traditions of aerobic exercise, while its intensity largely depends on the texture and depth of the snow cover. And if you take ski poles, you can use your arm muscles in training and at the same time relieve the spine of unnecessary stress. In addition, snowshoes are a great alternative to running in winter, the thing is the similarity of movements, but the pressure experienced by the joints is much lower.

Burns up to 770 kcal / hour

10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

Ice climbing is a kind of mountain climbing in the past, but now it’s an independent discipline, which is climbing on ice walls (it can be both small and large mountains, frozen waterfalls or icicles) using special equipment ("cats", ice axes and ice drills). You can try to conquer a slippery wall on special ice-fields, which, alas, are much smaller than rock-climbing walls, but if you want to find them it is not so difficult, for example, one is not far from Moscow.

In any case, to climb the ice slope, you need not only the trained muscles of the legs, arms and abs, but also good coordination and quick wits. So regular ice climbing will make you a real athlete, and very smart.

Burns to 360 kcal / hour

10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

This sport perfect for those who already own a good snowboard or ski and want to try something new. To do this, you will need a kite and an instructor who will teach you how to manage and perform maneuvers, guided by the strength and direction of the wind. Riding on a kite develops and strengthens the stabilizing muscles, and depending on the depth of snow it pumps its legs and arms well.

Burns up to 390 kcal / hour

10 winter sports that you will lose weight from

The game of snowballs is the most popular and enjoyable winter pastime, for which you only need a large company of friends and snow. If the former usually has no problems, then the latter has some difficulties in some regions of Russia. Meanwhile, actively attacking opponents and throwing snow at them, you not only improve the speed of the reaction, but also train all muscle groups (mainly, of course, gluteal and pectoral muscles). And do not forget about the level of endorphins, which with each successful throw will grow higher and higher.



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